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Love your Neighbour

Christ said, 'Love your neighbour as you love yourself!' And when HE was asked who then the neighbour was HE told people the parable of the good Samaritan.
The holy spirits of God gave us the following explanation about that parable.

At that time everybody knew the rich business town of Samaria which was constantly claimed by all neighbouring powers because of its wealth and its tactical position. And it was also often affected by this. Its inhabitants were regarded as proud people who only showed contempt for other peoples.

In the parable told by Jesus CHRIST the Samaritan, however, was the only to show pity with a wounded man, though the latter was his enemy. He helped him, nursed his wounds unlike the other two men who were actually obliged to do so and who nevertheless passed him without taking notice of him.

By this example Jesus explained to the people of his time what HE understood by love your neighbour; helpfulness! And to be more precise, to help also when people do not expect you to do so. Though if your neighbour is an enemy, he is a child of GOD like anybody else. Whoever is in need shall be helped, be he a friend or an enemy.

However, in addition to the humans, there are other creatures on earth that badly need help. And they are not the humans' enemies but their friends, but the humans hardly appreciate their friendship. - I mean the numerous sick, weak and deserted animals and even more so the numerous maltreated animals.- How much do these animals still have to suffer from man until you humans understand at last, that these creatures are children of GOD, too?

Especially those amongst you who call themselves CHRISTIANS, what have they done to nature in general and to the animals in particular? Do you not understand yet that these are creatures, too, which were created by GOD just like you? And just like you they pass through the different lives in matter until they become humans, too, and rise spiritually. And just like you they will be angels again some day and will be at home in heavenly fields. Have you ever thought about this when you passed their pain without caring for them? Or were you even so cruel and thought it was normal that animals have to suffer for the humans?!

How can you humans be so unembarrassed and peacefully leave for your holiday, if you abandon your animals before, even throw them out of the driving car or even do worse things to them?- And then many a man amongst you wants to be a Christian?

Jesus CHRIST stood up for all creatures. Already when HE lived on earth He helped a lot of animals that HE healed and nursed. HE always had time for all creatures who needed Him. It was out of love for all creatures that HE suffered in matter, fought hell and triumphed over it and cleared the way into light, the way to GOD, back home.

So if you want to be true Christians think of all creatures that need your help, pray for them and stand up for them as well as you can. GOD will pay you back for it.

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For Hindus a reincarnation of the human spirit in a new body is evident. Just so for Buddhists. For most Christians, however, this phenomenon is very difficult to understand or even to accept.

But what is reincarnation about: Can a human spirit really be born again in another new body? If so, could man also be an animal in his next life, as some pretend? And how often can you be born again? Is there any rule? - The holy spirits of GOD were asked these questions and they gave the following answers:

The human beings on earth are - apart from some exceptions - spirits fallen from GOD that should go back home by way of a life in matter.

At each birth of a human being a spirit is incarnated into the body. That means, an adult spirit is reduced in size until it has reached that of a baby, and then it is introduced into the body of a new-born child. At the baby's first cry the spirit is united with matter and the child lives. Only from this moment a new human life has begun. So - if anybody should try to take this life away by force, then this is called murder - only from that moment. For - while growing in the mother's womb - the body of the baby was moved by the mother's blood and forces. It was not yet a being with an independent life.

However, everybody shall be warned against wanting to procure and/or have an abortion - for this is and it will always be an interference in


which man has no right to do. This is a heavy offense against the divine laws and it is also punished as such.

The human spirit has already reached a higher level in its spiritual ascent which the spirit living in the body of an animal has not attained. A human spirit can only be born in a human body, and not in the body of an animal. If however, the ascending spirit was last incarnated in an animal, and if it is now mature enough, it is born in a human body in its next life on earth. Such a human life lasts only until the spirit has adapted to the form of the human body and has fully taken in the love of its fellow-men. The spirit now needs all this love to be able to comprehend all the knowledge that waits it in the spiritual realm. And so in its next life it becomes able to go through a whole human existence as a full human being. Henceforth the spirit progresses from one life to the next, and ascends further spiritually. The space of time from one human life to the next comes up to three hundred and five hundred years.

And in each case the individual's behaviour in this material life determines the next material life. That means:

Those, who keep to the TEN COMMANDMENTS all their live and love their fellow-men as themselves, are rewarded for this in their next live. This human being has deserved well of his nice life because of his past behaviour pleasing to GOD. For through a hard struggle and a life in GOD’S WILL this being has set free great and beautiful forces in the spiritual domain. These are now of great benefit to itself, as well as to other spirits on their spiritual way up.

The human being, however, who ignored GOD during all their life and only had evil in mind, will, in its next human life, suffer all the wrong and harm that it did to itself and to others in the past. In the spiritual realm you call this KARMA. And as the case may be one single life may not be enough to set right all the wrong and harm done in a former life.

For it is written that all the wrong done in a material life must be paid back in a material life as well.

And if the great world religions had not withheld this truth from mankind, this world would be a better one since long. A lot of spirits that live separated from GOD could already have left behind the clumsy matter and could be back again in the heavenly home.

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Tolerance and Kind-heartedness

'Which religion is man nearest to GOD? This is a question that a lot of people are concerned with, and nearly all dignitaries of the different religious recommend their religious communities as the best. The holy spirits of GOD told us the following about this subject:

You can only BE CLOSE TO GOD in spirit, for GOD is spirit. And if you really want to be close to GOD you are! Most important is that you try to do GOD'S WILL, that means you keep to the TEN COMMANDMENTS and you love your neighbour as you love yourself. It does not matter at all what religious community you belong to if you are kind-hearted and try to live to the glory of your creator.

For when you die and your spirit arrives in the other world then nobody asks about your religious affiliation on earth, but about your good deeds, your attitude to GOD and His creation! 'How did this human being live?' is the question asked and it is not 'Was this human being a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim or even a Buddhist?' The spirit is judged by its knowledge and abilities, its spiritual level and according to the material circumstances, for GOD is just.

However, those are terribly wrong who think that they must impose their faith on others because they think theirs is the only true faith and this they do, if necessary even by using force. The creatures' free will is a present from GOD and nobody has the right to impose their personal will on others by force, let alone for matters of faith. Those who nevertheless do so are severely punished by GOD. For this is an offence against the freedom of the spirit, which must not be touched.

Every human being has the right to go their way to GOD in their very personal manner with or without a religious affiliation, this remains their free decision. But it is important, of course, for everybody to respect the faith of their fellow men just as they want theirs to be respected.

GOD wants you to meet with tolerance and kind-heartedness! Make an effort to understand those that are of a different opinion and of a different faith and help one another wherever you can! Do not insist that the others take the initiative, but give them a good example! Do not just speak about kind-heartedness but be both kind and merciful!

Think of the havoc that the fanaticism has already wreaked in your human world, especially in matters of faith! Just think back of the time of the crusades and the burning of the witches! THAT WAS NOT GOD'S WILL! Today, too, there is still too much misfortune because of such religious fanatics! This is not GOD'S WILL EITHER! The fanatics will not save this world but the merciful and the kind-hearted.

If you humans of today want a better world then go and set an example! Do not judge your fathers but learn from their mistakes and do better than they did! It does not matter whether you belong to a religious community or not, nor which one you all belong to, be tolerant and kind-hearted to one another, be simply human! And remember that you are all GOD'S CHILDREN!

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There are people who believe that they can get in touch with their dead, be it directly or through the intermediary of human mediums. A lot also simply want to learn something about their future from these 'fortune-tellers' or 'clairvoyants'.

The holy spirits of GOD gave us the following explanation on the subject:

There are two kinds of spiritism : On the one hand there is the contact with the holy spirits of GOD and on the other hand there is the contact with the world of low spirits.

The holy spirits of GOD have been sent by GOD to the humans to teach them all that is worth knowing for them, but above all to tell them about the connection between this life and the next. The world of low spirits, however, exists outside GOD'S rule and to contact these spirits is dangerous for mankind and forbidden by GOD.

The contact with the spirits from the beyond is open to the humans, it is true, but it is governed by strict laws:

Questioning the dead is foolish for the former human spirits are under the laws of the spiritual world. Therefore it is completely impossible for them to react to the questions of the living. They are low spirits that answer these questions and that want to harm the humans. And this is not in accordance with GOD'S WILL.

Fortune-telling is nonsense and forbidden by GOD! It is nonsense because it is absolutely impossible to want to foretell events which depend on the free will of the personality. Fortune-telling is forbidden because it comes from low spirits and it is detrimental to the humans in every respect. On the one hand it diverts the humans from their real life, that they should live naturally and carefree, on the other hand fortune-telling also harms the body just like any other form of contact with low spirits.
Low spiritism is always detrimental to the humans. For it is from the humans that the low spirits draw the strength they need to make such announcements through their mediums. On the one hand the mediums give most strength away, on the other hand the participants in such sèances of low spiritism are all "tapped". In the long run this begins to show through physical weakness and great tiredness. It is no wonder that most low mediums do this once every fortnight at the most. But there is no wonder either that many a low medium prefers mass meetings, for the more people are interested in their activity, the more strength the low and wicked spirits can draw.

Having contact with spirits is not a game! Table tipping, fortune-telling from the glasses and from the cards, and coffee grounds reading, all this belongs to the domain of low spiritism and the active participants, just like the outwardly passive participants, give away their strength! And this is also the case when you watch such sèances on TV! For whoever is interested in dealings with low spirits attracts these spirits! And whoever has once set off into the clutches of evil only gets away from it when they genuinely, out of the depths of their hearts, ask GOD'S forgiveness and help. Then GOD'S angels come and help them on. Now, of course, they have to make an effort to not backslide; on the contrary they have to mend their ways and keep to the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Good spiritism, however, is ordained by GOD and is free to all people who are genuinely interested in the plain truth. Good spiritism always has the only purpose to bring GOD close to the humans.

The laws prevailing over the contact with the holy spirits of GOD are strict, it is true, but they are useful for the safety of the human mediums and of those who are interested in the teachings from the holy spirits of GOD :

  • The human being as a medium of the holy spirits of GOD does not decide what is to happen but the holy spirits of GOD do. And this they always do in accordance with their task on behalf of GOD.
  • The humans shall verify the spirits but they first have to learn how to do this. Therefore we recommend to every serious seeker of truth who wants to come into contact with the holy spirits of GOD to not do this without the help of an experienced medium. We the holy spirits of GOD are always quite prepared to answer any questions.

The human mediums bear a great responsibility.
For GOD gave them the talent of being mediums to help their fellow-men rise spiritually more quickly and so to get back home faster to the heavenly kingdom.
Whoever misuses this talent, however, and uses it for evil, for personal glory and not for the glory of GOD, who wants to take material profit from it or even forces others to use their talent for negative ends, is warned herewith, for GOD'S PUNISHMENT will be dreadful.-GOD knows no pity for these people, for they did not only turn others away from the path of truth, but, being fully aware, they brought ruin to others. And GOD is just!

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What is humility? The holy spirits of GOD gave us the following explanation:

Humility begins when the creature recognizes its CREATOR as such and thanks Him for it.

But humility also means that everyone is aware that with GOD all are equal. For GOD loves ALL HIS CHILDREN likewise. Thus it is absolutely normal for everyone, who shows humility before GOD, to also recognize the whole CREATION as a CHILD OF GOD and to thank GOD for its existence.
The humble being knows that each power and each living being are GOD'S.
The humble being judges neither GOD nor HIS CREATURES, to do so this being lacks wisdom and the necessary knowledge.
The humble being knows that real knowledge is GOD’S. KNOWLEDGE.
To be humble does not mean to grovel before others and to humble oneself, but it means to respect and love one's own personality, just like that of all others. And here is the law of humility:

  • Love and honour GOD, YOUR CREATOR!
  • Love and honour HIS CREATURES just as much!
  • Love and honour YOUR NEIGHBOUR as you love and honour YOURSELF!
  • Recognize GOD'S WISDOM which IS LOVE and observe the LAW which GOD decreed for your safety, and which makes CHRIST KING and LORD of the WHOLE CREATION !
So you humans do not quarrel with GOD and his creatures, but humbly accept your life. And when you are in need or have worries and when somebody wants to help you then accept your neighbour's help, for this also means humility. GOD can send you HIS HELP in various ways, you only have to want to recognize it as such and to accept it. Thank GOD for it and do not forget to thank your neighbour for his charity! For that is true humility before GOD and HIS CREATION!

Do not put your light under a bushel, but engage your abilities and your knowledge in GOD'S WILL, for all your abilities were given to you by GOD, so that you shall use them to the GLORY OF GOD and to the welfare of all.
Do not lecture your neighbour about humility, but be a living example by practising it! For they who constantly speak about humility are not truly humble, but they who try hard to live their lives to the GLORY OF GOD!
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King and Lord
of the Creation

The holy spirits of GOD asked us to publish the following :

When CHRIST, the son of GOD, was born and THE FATHER breathed life into Him, GOD’S CREATION began to live. For CHRIST is the BEGINNING of the creation. GOD called the whole creation 'Heaven'.

CHRIST grew up and GOD taught HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON all that He needed to know for His later duty. GOD tested CHRIST to find out if he could also bear the responsibility related to this duty. And CHRIST passed all these tests and thus He achieved perfection. Then GOD entrusted HIS son with the task of creating living beings which should be able to live as pairs and to multiply. And CHRIST did as He was told: He created the spiritual bodies of the archangels, six in number, two at a time that belonged together, husband and wife. And GOD breathed the spark of life into them, so that they could live independently. Likewise CHRIST created the spiritual bodies of the six archelords of the animals and those of the six archelords of the plants. And these were also created as pairs, male and female. And GOD breathed the spark of life into each, so that they could live independently. And these heavenly beings multiplied, enlivened and embellished Heaven. And GOD and CHRIST were very delighted.

GOD wanted to reward CHRIST for His good work, and so HE had a great celebration organized in honour of HIS beloved son. All creatures in Heaven were pleased, for they were all invited. They danced, sang and thanked GOD for their beloved brother CHRIST. When the force was at its strongest, and the celebration had reached its climax, GOD’S VOICE announced to all beings in Heaven:

'From now on CHRIST is your KING AND LORD, for He passed all the tests and I TAKE PLEASURE IN HIM! So you shall pay honour to Him and praise Him for all the good that He did to you and will go on doing. You shall obey CHRIST in all, for He is your KING, and I appointed Him. He is MY Only Representative Everywhere and for Everything, and He does MY WILL in all! But the difference between Him and ME shall always be:


Those whom I give life will live and grow perfect, if they do MY WILL! So go and enjoy your life and revere your KING AND LORD CHRIST!'

This caused great rejoicing for nobody could have thought of a better and kinder King than CHRIST, and all were pleased with GOD’S wise decision and also praised HIM for it.

One personality specially attracted attention by its merry exuberance. It was Lucifer, the first masculine archangel. He was the most beautiful and most radiant being after CHRIST. With his wife Maria, who was not less radiant and beautiful than he, Lucifer ran up to CHRIST. To express his great joy Lucifer danced in honour of CHRIST. Maria was most pleased, too, and her beautiful and luminous figure completed her husband at the dance. When the dance was over, Lucifer embraced CHRIST and his eyes were filled with tears of joy, then he stepped back, deeply bowed to his King and reverently paid honour to Him. Maria did the same. And CHRIST walked up to the two, embraced them and showed them a wonderful, huge, shining area of Heaven, 'That is the realm of light! From now on you shall be its prince and princess. Be good rulers to the beings of light! That is my will and GOD wills it thus, too.' Then he put magnificent garments made of pure light on them and set a sparkling crown on their heads. CHRIST cordially embraced the two once more, then he sent them to their new field of activity.

The next two who wanted to pay honour to CHRIST the King were Michael and Yolanda, the second pair of archangels. Both are tall and strong, and the colour of their skin is bright red. Deeply moved Michael stepped in front of his King and brother, deeply bowed to Him, paid honour to Him and swore eternal loyalty to CHRIST. His wife Yolanda did the same. 'My people and I are at your service as you are at the service of the Father', Michael said finally. 'Thus will it be', CHRIST said, walked up to Michael and heartily embraced him and then his partner. He took them both by the hand and showed them a wonderful, huge area with a lot of mountains and lakes. It was shining in a reddish light. 'This is the realm of order, I entrust it to you, so that you shall rule there as prince and princess of the beings of order. Be just and kind rulers to them!' Then CHRIST also dressed these two archangels in magnificent scarlet garments made of pure light and also put a sparkling crown on their heads. And after embracing Michael and Yolanda most heartily, CHRIST also sent these two to their field of activity.

Then came the last pair of archangels. Gabriel and Rafael are two beautiful, delicately formed beings with a radiant black colour of skin. Gabriel is the husband, Rafael his wife. As his eyes were shining with inexpressible joy, Gabriel, together with his wife, walked up to CHRIST and they embraced Him heartily. Then both stepped back and deeply bowed to their King and Lord. And to express their joy and gratitude both sang together in honour of GOD and CHRIST.-When their singing was over, CHRIST went up to both of them, heartily embraced them and showed them a wonderful, huge area, covered with forests, mountains, lakes and seas, which shone pale blue and green by turns. 'This is the realm of love which is wisdom. From now on you shall rule there as prince and princess over the beings of love which is wisdom. Be always loving, but strict and just at the same time, then you do GOD’S WILL. And GOD’S WILL is also MY WILL!' Then he also dressed this pair of archangels in splendid garments made of pure light, and He put a sparkling crown on their heads. The three heartily embraced, and then Gabriel and Rafael went off to their new realm.

After the archangels the three pairs of the archelords of the animals followed, and then came the three pairs of the archelords of the plants. And these, too, were assigned their realms. And the lords of heaven gave their subjects the appropriate field of activity each.

Since then the spirits of heaven have lived in inexpressible joy in honour of GOD, and CHRIST is King and Lord of us all.

CHRIST, the KING, regularly paid a visit to the princes of Heaven whom GOD had subordinated to Him. He wanted to inquire whether they mastered their task as princes. And He was always very happy and pleased with them. Each time he generously rewarded them with marvellous jewellery as there is only in heaven. This jewellery is made of living crystals which are a supplementary help to them in their GOD-given activity. CHRIST also often invited the princes of heaven to his very beautiful palace. Together they held sumptuous feasts to the glory of GOD and the creation.

But CHRIST did not only care about the princes of heaven. He also tried to help each of GOD'S creatures individually with all His love. Unfortunately CHRIST, as a personality, cannot be with all at the same time. Therefore He decreed that each creature in heaven has the right to request an audience with Him should it consider this important. And all inhabitants of heaven again and again avail themselves of that right. And when there is a celebration in heaven, The KING calls on them all, in turn, to celebrate everywhere and with all to the glory of GOD and HIS creation.

Before CHRIST, as well as before GOD, all are on an equal footing. And CHRIST'S justice is equal to GOD'S justice for CHRIST strictly keeps the Law of GOD everywhere. He also asks the same from the inhabitants of heaven, just as GOD asks this from them. And the angels, as well as the spiritual animals, plants, minerals and the spirits of nature do their best to keep the Laws of GOD.

So Heaven developed and flourished splendidly. All creatures were GOD'S CHILDREN and they only thought of pleasing GOD. And The Father blessed them all in His infinite love. He allowed them all to become more beautiful and more radiant so that their lives became even a greater pleasure. These joys and this happiness lasted for an infinitely long time. Nobody ever thought of a change. And nevertheless the accident happened:
As often happens the forces had changed and, as always, the beings felt strengthened by them and their knowledge improved. The prince of light felt marvellous, he studied his whole being and thought himself very beautiful in his luminous figure. But he didn't leave it at that. He started brooding on whether there was a single being in heaven that would equal his beauty. He quickly put aside his thought of CHRIST.-Lucifer went on brooding and he came to the conclusion that he was not only the most beautiful but also the most intelligent being in heaven, and anyway best at all. He did not wish to think of CHRIST. However, this could not be completely evaded, for Lucifer was one of CHRIST'S closest friends after all, and all Lucifer's possessions had been given to him as a present by CHRIST. Except the spark of life which he had received, like any creature, from GOD. So Lucifer fully conscious lied to himself and decided that he Lucifer had the right to take the place of CHRIST as King and Lord of the Creation, all tinges considered, he was considerably better than CHRIST. Although Lucifer felt somewhat uneasy that CHRIST had been appointed King and Lord of the Creation by GOD, he nevertheless thought he could convince GOD that he was better. And his arrogance was unlimited.

However, CHRIST recognized Lucifer's thoughts and grew sad for the first time in His life, because he has loved Lucifer very much. CHRIST was ready to forgive Lucifer if the latter only realized his fault and became humble again before GOD'S LAW. For CHRIST IS THE GOOD AND JUST KING OF ALL OF US.

(to be continued)

Therefore CHRIST THE KING paid a visit to Lucifer. CHRIST hoped HE could help the prince of light and cure him of his wrong thoughts by HIS good example. And if necessary CHRIST wanted to have a good talk with Lucifer.

But this never happened. For when Lucifer's servants found out that the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION wanted to pay a visit to their prince and when they informed Lucifer about this, the latter grew angry and ordered them to hurry towards CHRIST to discourage HIM from such a visit. Lucifer let CHRIST know that he was very busy and therefore he could not meet his KING, so CHRIST might come and see him some other time.- When the KING had learnt from Lucifer's servants how the prince of light thought of dealing with HIM, He became very sad and He cried for the very first time in His life grief-stricken. As CHRIST THE KING loves all his subjects, so he is deeply attached to them. And Lucifer was like a brother for HIM.- Then, however, having in HIS mind asked the FATHER for help and assistance, THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION raised HIS radiant face and said loud and audible to all, 'Who or what can be more important than a visit by THE KING OF THE CREATION so appointed by GOD?'- Tell your master and prince to get everything ready at once to welcome me, for I, CHRIST, KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION will pay him a visit!'- And Lucifer's servants apologized once more for their prince's behaviour, then they hurried to the palace of the prince of light to announce to him what the KING had told them to do.

Lucifer had no choice but to obey CHRIST'S order, for that is what it was. However, he foamed, with rage, and his servants as well as his family members got a taste of his irritation. Who does HE think HE is?- What does it mean KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION ? - Let HIM wait a little longer, as the forces come and go, and then I will be LORD here in Heaven!'- His wife Maria was shocked, 'Are you out of your mind?- What do you think you are doing? You are but the prince of light and I am your princess. CHRIST, however, is KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION, appointed by GOD! And you know this quite well! And you know just as well that it was CHRIST who made us both prince and princess of the beings of light. So, please, would you stop that nonsense, and do behave yourself again towards the personalities here in the house! We have had enough now!' Thereupon Lucifer kept quiet until the arrival of the KING.

Lucifer received CHRIST with all the honours HE deserved, and the KING hoped again Lucifer would be sensible again after all and give up his wrong thoughts. So HE kindly asked how Lucifer and his family were. However, Lucifer's answer was most impolite, ' I am rather miserable, if you really want to know. I live a very wretched life. For whatever I do, YOU do not seem to like it. I work very hard to please YOU and GOD. And all the thanks I get for it are that YOU come and prevent me from working. And as I was so wise to let YOU know, that it would be better if YOU came some other time so that YOU would not disturb me at my work, I thought YOU would at least respect my wise request. YOU give me orders instead, as if I were less than one of YOUR SERVANTS. And furthermore YOU then dare ask me how I am! Tell me what do YOU think YOU are doing?'- CHRIST had listened to all this and stayed quiet for a moment, then HE raised HIS HEAD, and HIS EYES sparkled and flashed like a burning fire, when the KING said, 'Lucifer, I have seen your thoughts and I know your feelings. You ought to know this. For you are a child of GOD like ME. So stop fooling yourself and ME. If you think that you are better at all things than I, then I cannot stop you and I do not want to prevent you from asking the FATHER to give you MY POSITION as KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION. If the FATHER decides that you are the better KING then let it be so. But if HE decides that you are not the better KING but that I am, then let it be so. But, till then, be conscious that I decide what is good and just in the creation, and what is not. For that is THE FATHER'S WILL, so let it be so!' This ended the conversation and the KING was going to leave.

When CHRIST THE KING had left the infuriated Lucifer, and when HE was about to get into his crystal-golden coach to go home, HE heard somebody behind HIM call HIS name. It was Maria, Lucifer's wife and princess of light. Tears, due to deep grief and sorrow, rolled down her radiant face, when she asked CHRIST THE KING to help her, so that she should not become as her husband now was. CHRIST THE KING blessed her with the force that GOD had given HIM, and so HE safeguarded the princess of light against Lucifer's temptations. Maria thanked GOD and CHRIST for this present which was to be a great help to her with all that was to happen then.

And CHRIST, the good KING and LORD of all of us travelled back home, very sad. HE, just like GOD, sensed that worse would now follow.

After this discussion with CHRIST the KING, Lucifer showed the best side of his character in the presence of all the inhabitants of heaven. He wanted to persuade them that he could be a better King for them than CHRIST. And unfortunately, he was successful with a great many.

The first to be attracted by the spell of Lucifer's nice speeches were nearly all his own children, and most of his relatives. Then an innumerable other beings of light followed him. He already was their prince anyway. Not only did his speeches literally enchant many a being of light. But his whole behaviour, his natural beauty given to him by GOD and CHRIST, and which he emphasised unfavourably, misled them . And so these inhabitants of heaven, bedazzled by such splendour which they knew as only God-given bestowed their favour on Lucifer and were convinced that he must now be the more beautiful and better King.

The personalities of ‘love is wisdom’, could not be deluded that way. They had to be convinced by solid arguments. And Lucifer took the greatest trouble to find new arguments again and again, why CHRIST should no longer be KING, but he Lucifer, prince of light. He started mixing truth and lie, and he played with their feelings, by saying, 'CHRIST verily did a lot of good to us in the past, GOD was surely right when HE made HIM KING. I greatly admire HIM. But GOD also knows that CHRIST is bored with us all. After all, HE is always told the same stories during the royal audiences. In addition HE is completely overstrained. HE only visits the princes, the other personnalities hardly see HIM. CHRIST has held this office much too long. HE just needs some change, this is quite understandable, isn’t it ? When I consider that CHRIST is GOD'S oldest creation then I wonder, whether HE is still capable of being KING of us all, anyway? - I, for one, am the second and also son of GOD like HE. I could become HIS successor, couldn't I? After all I am the first of the archangels and the greatest prince of heaven!' Lucifer avoided saying that he was only the most beautiful prince of heaven after CHRIST, and even less the greatest. For GOD the question of a person's prestige does not arise. Furthermore the couples of archangels manage all equally high and important fields of activities. Taking no account of that, age is of no importance in heaven, if it is about holding a GOD-given office, for the spirits have been created for eternity. And the more they try to do GOD'S WILL, the more beautiful and the more perfect they will become.

Due to these wicked activities, Lucifer's inexpressible beauty diminished. His radiance faded away, first almost imperceptibly, then more and more obviously. But Lucifer was not annoyed, and he now tried to also win the beings of order for his arguments. He especially wanted the fighters and guards to be on his side, as he planned a downright revolution against CHRIST, KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION, appointed by GOD. However, the beings of order are of a different nature from the beings of light or the beings of ‘love is wisdom’. So Lucifer could not deceive the beings of order by his beauty, nor could he convince them by his ‘wise’ speeches. He had to demonstrate to them that he would do something for their security and a right and better organisation of heaven. He promised to reinforce the troops and the guards of heaven, if he were King one day. Furthermore he promised to them all, a more just and better appreciation of their rendered services than this had been the case with CHRIST. - Lucifer had to wait for a binding answer from many a being of order for very long. After all the first law of order decrees that CHRIST is KING and nobody else. Nevertheless, in the very last moment, most fighters and guards were seduced to evil, because Lucifer had promised them a further mark of distinction, a decoration.

Furthermore Lucifer promised a greater sphere of influence than before to all who were ready to follow him and to engage against CHRIST'S rule.

And the spirits of heaven who listened to the seducer grew, like Lucifer himself, wicked in their thoughts, feelings and actions. They indulged in all vices, and Lucifer was their prince. When they also wanted to harm the heavenly animals, plants and minerals, GOD and CHRIST safeguarded these beings against them. So it happened that not a single heavenly animal, no heavenly plant, and no heavenly mineral was willing to be led into evil.

The heavenly beings who had remained loyal to GOD and CHRIST tried hard to convince the undecided spirits to come back to GOOD. And a lot were thus saved from falling. Quite a few, who already carried evil in themselves, even listened to reason once more and repented before GOD and CHRIST and all the other beings of the creation, which they had already harmed.

Unfortunately, there were also personalities in heaven who did not think it worth the trouble to try to help the ''fools'', as they meanwhile called the beings, which were departing from GOD'S LAW. Especially among the beings of ‘love is wisdom’, were a lot who made themselves guilty of the fault of unkindness, because they felt too stupid to activate their forces for the spirits falling from GOD, as the latter should have known better.

But GOD and CHRIST did not interfere, so to continue to give each personnality the opportunity to freely decide for or against GOD'S WILL.

The warriors in heaven who wanted to stay loyal to GOD and CHRIST all contacted both Michael, the prince of order, and CHRIST, the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION and renewed their oath of allegiance towards Them, as well as towards GOD HIMSELF. And CHRIST the KING subsequently safeguarded them against all further temptations. Then CHRIST had crystal bells distributed to them. Bells are sensory simulators, and they were to convey to the warriors the feelings of all those who moved away from GOD'S LAW. For they were to be able to understand and forgive their foes, who in reality were their friends and relatives, before they were to fight them. CHRIST'S warriors were not to hate the unfaithful but they should love them. However they should be aware, that if there was a fight this was inevitable.- If Lucifer envisaged a revolution, so GOD and CHRIST planned the battle against the unfaithful, for THEY realised that heaven had to be purged.

Lucifer did not know anything of all this. He was much too concerned with himself and his dissolute activities. As his wife Maria would have nothing to do with his wicked plans, he turned his back on her without hesitation and left the palace of light. Then he had the news spread everywhere, that he, Lucifer, had decided to definitely separate from his wife and princess of light. And thus from now on Maria and he no longer were dual partners. So he at long last was truly free. And any lady in heaven, who was interested in him, should just ask for him, and he would be glad to look after her.

As he still looked quite pretty, though no longer as radiant as at the beginning, he was very popular everywhere with ladies. And soon there was one of the ladies of light who, on top, was one of his daughters, whom Lucifer soon introduced as his new bride everywhere, though this lady, strictly speaking, had a dual partner as well. But Lucifer and his 'new bride' ignored him just as they did for the princess of light. They celebrated their wedding and for that occasion they thought of quite a special ceremony, which was a mixture of true heavenly ceremonial and a exhibition of the remaining beauty of the 'bride and bridegroom'. Both called it an act of 'freedom', and they appeared starknaked at the celebration, which quickly degenerated into an awful orgy.

Heaven had never before seen the like, and all the beings faithful to GOD were horrified and implored GOD and CHRIST to stop the whole. However, this was impossible, as long as not every being in heaven, mature enough to decide for or against GOD'S LAW by its own free will, had done so. And so the depraved activities went on. A lot of the unfaithful followed Lucifer's example and chose a new partner. However, the 'new bride' soon bored Lucifer, and he left her for another. And when he had become weary of female beings, he turned to the partnership with male beings. The unfaithful rivalled each other to court Lucifer's favour, each of them wanted to be his 'new partner' for life! - At the same time they all grew uglier and uglier. Since long all their radiance had left them. Sickening ulcers covered their skin and spread an unpleasant smell. But as they completely kept apart from those beings faithful to GOD and always stayed with people like themselves, they soon no longer noticed this. Their once healthy body was now sick and flabby; but this did not keep them from their dissolute activities. Sin knew no bounds.

Then, after an infinitely long sinful behaviour, Lucifer, who in the meantime arrogantly ordered his followers to call him 'Lord of the greatest army in heaven', imagined himself to be sure of his ground and requested an audience with GOD. He was fully blinded by his pride otherwise he would have realized what risk he was taking. - GOD did not only grant Lucifer an audience, but HE also celebrated, in honour of the whole creation, in the palace of his BELOVED SON CHRIST. And the angels from GOD'S house announced this celebration everywhere, and that GOD would reveal HIMSELF there.

Now Lucifer was convinced that GOD would offer him the throne of Heaven. He beautifully dressed up, put on as much as was left of his jewellery. For together with his beauty his fine clothes and his jewellery had disappeared. So for his present subjects Lucifer looked quite pretty, it is true, but for an audience with GOD and CHRIST he, however, was quite a picture of misery.- Lucifer became aware of this, when he went past the tightly lined up faithful beings up to CHRIST'S PALACE. For any true angel, whether they were princes or servants looked more beautiful than Lucifer. But his arrogance was boundless, and he was sure of being able to change this, once he would be lord of heaven.Sure of his success he laughed at them all and was already looking forward to CHRIST'S disappointed face, when GOD would announce to him that he, Lucifer, was now the new king.

However, GOD and CHRIST had made the loyal warriors line up, and CHRIST together with the archangel and prince of order, Michael, distributed fiery, flaming swords to them for the impending fight. They gave them final instructions and urged them to use the swords only when the situation was unavoidable. And finally CHRIST said, 'Be aware that this fight is the only help for the unfaithful to make them concscious of their mistakes!- That is the only thing that counts. We want to help them, we do not want to harm them! - And wait for the FATHER'S signal before you intervene!' - And so it happened.

The great festival hall in CHRIST'S palace was splendidly decorated with crystal flowers and wonderful fountains were along the walls. The water in each of these fountains was sparkling in a different colour. For the guests there stood next to the fountains crystal benches and armchairs whose legs were wreathed with golden flowers. Facing the large entrance door, the KING'S throne stood on the right side, on the left side was an armchair for the prince of light. The middle was still left free. On the right of the KING'S throne were marvellous crystal armchairs for the princess of light, for the prince of order and his wife, as well as for the prince of love-is-wisdom and his wife. Then the festivity began. By and by all the guests had entered the hall and taken their seats. Last came the archangels Michael and Yolanda, Gabriel and Rafael, before CHRIST the KING gently led the princess of light to her seat. The great pain, caused to her heart by her unfaithful husband, could not damage her beauty. On the contrary, she was brighter and more radiant than ever. The other archangels were just as beautiful to look at.- Only Lucifer sat disfigured in his seat, lustreless and reeking. He uninhibitedly gawked at the other angels and sneered, as he was convinced that he would soon be their new king. Only when he glanced at the archangels and especially at Maria, his dual partner, he really flinched. However, if GOD and CHRIST had hoped Lucifer would recognise true beauty again, would become reasonable again and understand his mistakes, they were now bitterly disappointed.- Lucifer was boiling with rage and, begrudging Maria's beauty, he bickered, 'Take this woman out of here, I do not want to have anything to do with her, anymore!' But CHRIST bid him keep silent.

Thereupon wonderful music filled the hall, and the heavenly choirs sang to the glory of GOD and CHRISTand in their praise. The angels of heaven went on singing to the glory of the whole creation and their singing gave them all inexpressible pleasure. The singing had even changed the pain, which Lucifer's words had caused to the princess of light, into joy. So it was small wonder that she heartily thanked the singers. And likewise Maria thanked the KING, and GOD, too, for HIS LOVE. Lucifer had somewhat calmed down, but nevertheless he kept a sulky frown.

The music started playing again and the dancers came into the hall. By and by they asked all the guests to join them.-Lucifer who had always been a good dancer did not wait until he was invited, but he simply jumped into the midst of the dancers to show off his abilities. But he did not succeed at all. Again and again he hit the ground hard when he set out for artistic steps, until he gave up dancing and went back to his seat gritting his teeth.- GOD and CHRIST had hoped that Lucifer would understand that he alone was to blame for the loss of his former abilities. However, Lucifer disappointed them altogether.- No sooner were the dance and the music over than he rose from his armchair, and, stamping with rage, he shouted, 'I have had enough!- At long last I want to talk to GOD personally! That is why I am here after all!' And when CHRIST wanted to interrupt him, he went on yelling, 'It is indifferent to me whether YOU have been KING or not so far, YOUR time is up! I claim the King's throne, from GOD, and to be more precise, at once.- After all I am the 'lord of the greatest army in heaven'! Now GOD, where are YOU? I want to hear YOUR answer at last!'

No sooner had he finished than the FORCE OF GOD appeared between CHRIST, the KING, and Lucifer, so that Lucifer was on the LEFT OF GOD and CHRIST was on HIS RIGHT. THE FORCE OF GOD RADIATED IN PERFECT LIGHT, and everyone present felt an inexpressible happiness flow through their vital spark, and their whole body grew more beautiful.- Only Lucifer made an exception. He shrieked with utter pain and sank down, exhausted, when GOD'S powerful VOICE announced,

'So now all listen to my answer which is valid for ever:


Then a powerstroke touched CHRIST and prince Michael and wrapped them in a fiery red light. In the meantime GOD'S VOICE was heard again,

At once the KING and the prince of order were near Lucifer, and while Michael's firesword was literally dancing on Lucifer's forehead to burn the heavenly symbol of the cross into it, CHRIST very slightly touched Lucifer's vital spark with HIS firesword, and everybody could see how dark it had already become. 'Get out of here, SATAN, you who are now called prince of hell, for that is the name of your kingdom that you and yours have created with all your perverted powers. Be expelled from the heavenly fields, you and yours, thus GOD wills it, thus be it!' These were CHRIST'S words, and then there was a sudden crash and quake under Lucifer's feet. He bawled with pain and cursed GOD and CHRIST. There was an enormous bang and the former prince of light was turned out of heaven on his ear. The quake and crash went on, GOD'S loyal warriors were everywhere and marked the foreheads of the disloyal with their fireswords, and GOD'S POWER pulled them up and threw them out of heaven. - First came the instigators, who had been Lucifer's first assistants. Then came all the others, in turn their expulsion was based on the degree of their culpability. And in the end those who had only made the mistake in sympathy with the others were turned out.

It lasted inexpressibly long until heaven was completely pure again. And CHRIST THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION went up to GOD, kneeled before HIM and thanked GOD for his WISDOM which is LOVE.

The great cleansing was over, and heaven was pure again. - Though they felt relieved the inhabitants of heaven were not really glad. For in every house a friend was missing, a brother or a sister, a daughter or a son, or even the dual partner, which had been thrown into hell. There was a general mourning of the DEAD, as the fallen spirits were called henceforth. Furthermore everybody in heaven could hear the cries of those inhabitants of hell who, regretting their mistake already, were begging for help and mercy.

CHRIST THE KING knew how much the remaining inhabitants of heaven suffered from the separation from their beloved ones, as HE missed them just as much. And when the first delegation of the angels, loyal to GOD, was on their way to CHRIST to request of HIM to ask GOD'S forgiveness and help for the fallen spirits, CHRIST THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION, was already with THE FATHER. So these angels went home again and thanked GOD for their good KING CHRIST.

However, life in heaven went on , and it was necessary to replace the missing spirits at least in their god-given tasks. And the princes of heaven, who had remained faithful to GOD and CHRIST, organized everything, so that each inhabitant of heaven took over part of the former activities of the fallen spirits.

It lasted infinitely long when CHRIST THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION had the remaining princes of heaven called to HIM to announce to them,

'Dear friends in GOD'S WILL, who are the FATHER'S faithful princes and MINE, be delighted, for GOD, THE FATHER OF ALL LIFE, has decided to unite the creation again! And so GOD'S PLAN OF SALVATION, SET UP IN SEVEN PARTS, shall come true. Some day all fallen spirits will be set free again from the power of evil, from the kingdom of darkness. This will go on until the very last fallen spirit is pure and beautiful again in GOD'S EYES and is back home in HEAVEN. For the prodigal children of GOD shall return home, and we want to make this possible for them.'

The princes of heaven were delighted with this news, and they praised GOD'S LOVING KINDNESS AND MERCY! And CHRIST further explained,
'First we will look after the sympathizers who only made the mistake in sympathy with others without really making up their minds for or against the LAW. They shall be given a possibility to make up for their decision. If they stand the test, they belong to heaven again, and if they do not, they belong to hell like all those who separated from GOD.
Secondly salvation shall be prepared in the sphere of hell, and, according to the LAW, this can only be done by someone who is in the realm of darkness. It is obvious that Lucifer's present subjects can never achieve this without his permission. Just as obvious, however, is that Lucifer will never grant such a permission. So one of us must freely accept the task to go there, to 'live' there under the same conditions as the other fallen spirits, and to subsequently fight the prince of hell and defeat him. Then only the way into light will be free again for all. Only then they can be Children of GOD again and go the way back home again. However hard a struggle it may be for them to win back all that they lost, because of their sinful behaviour, the Children of GOD, will nevertheless manage with a continuous effort of their free will. - They too light-heartedly separated form their PARENTAL HOME. They will find the way back home only under the most difficult conditions. But we will help them. -
Now go and let all know that GOD is kind and merciful at the same time. And whoever wants to help GOD'S GREAT PLAN OF SALVATION come true and the CREATION be ONE again, let them contact their princes! Whoever wants to battle with hell and win back the prodigal spirits, let them see ME!'

Thereupon the princes of heaven announced to all the inhabitants of heaven the message that CHRIST THE KING had given them. And the inhabitants of heaven were pleased. They praised and glorified GOD THE ALMIGHTY, HIS LOVING KINDNESS and HIS MERCY. They also praised and glorified CHRIST, their GOOD KING AND LORD. And an infinite number of angels, animals, plants, minerals and spirits of nature set out to their respective princes to offer their help. For they all felt bound to help the fallen spirits back home. A lot of the high-ranking princes of heaven went to CHRIST and volunteered for the task of the saviour. And CHRIST went to the FATHER to give HIM these names. - All the inhabitants of heaven were anxious to know GOD'S decision of who would be honoured to take up this dangerous task and of setting free Lucifer's prisoners. A lot expected Prince Michael, the first of all fighters in heaven, to be designated. What a surprise, however, for all when GOD'S VOICE proclaimed throughout the heavens,

'CHRIST, MY BELOVED SON, claims the right to save the prisoners of hell, just because these spirits, who have fallen from ME, had broken with HIM, CHRIST, in the very first place. As HE is the first to suffer from this situation, HE is entitled to win back by love and to fight for those who unkindly dealt with HIM. - Thus be it, for thus is MY LAW, and I keep to it. - Whoever wants to assist MY SON CHRIST in achieving this task, let them do so! I will make everything necessary available to them.


And so it happened.

GOD's redemptive plan in seven parts was now to be put into action, and work began at once. First there was the question of creating a new sphere. This was no longer to be as beautiful and magnificent as heaven itself, but it was still to be in its field of forces. The beings who would go there, were to be given a second chance to prove their obedience to GOD. - And the builders of heaven used their forces, so that the sphere would be nice and pleasant to live in. And heaven's nature-spirits offered their forces with great pleasure, so that in the new sphere nature would be 'as heavenly as possible'. All set to work with great pleasure.

And thus PARADISIO first came into existence, the male planet in the male solar system. Then came PARADISIA, the female partner planet in the female solar system of this new sphere. At the same time it is the second dimension of the creation. - The spiritual animals, plants and minerals which had volunteered for a participation in the realisation of GOD'S redemptive plan looked forward to now being allowed to get incorporated in these beautiful worlds, to assist the beings that were to stand their test there.

And so it happened that an angel of GOD had the announcement made to the inhabitants of hell that those who had committed the mistake only out of sympathy for others, without really deciding for or against THE LAW, were given a second chance to prove their loyalty and obedience to GOD. This caused inexpressible rejoicing among the beings concerned. For they had felt sorry for their wrong doing for a long time and would have liked to be home again. Meanwhile the fighters of heaven saw to it, that neither Lucifer nor his people could keep them back or harm them, so that they reached their new field of activity in PARADISIA undisturbed.

As happens on each incorporation in a different dimension, as was the case here, too, the beings had no memory left, neither of their past in heaven nor of their past in hell. They were like innocent children, and the angels of heaven came to them and taught them all that was important for them. And then GOD had announced to the beings in PARADISIA:

'This your world is a garden, called PARADISIA and you shall honour it. You may and shall taste of all fruits in this wonderful garden, for you shall enjoy them and remember ME and thank ME for them. The plants and animals are your friends, and so you shall be good friends for them. Respect and take loving care of MY garden PARADISIA, and I will reward you for that! But you shall comply with MY LAW that says' You shall not leave this garden to cross the river. For the garden PARADISIO, which is on the other side of the river, is forbidden to you. Only when my angels say to you, 'Now the time has come!' you are mature for it. Then led by the angels you shall first enter PARADISIO and thereafter a much more beautiful world. If you do break this MY LAW then DIVINE JUSTICE shall hit you hard! - But now go, be happy in PARADISIA and nature be your friend!'

The PARADISIANS were pleased and thanked GOD for their beautiful world, which they called the garden of PARADISIA from now on. By their request and according to GOD'S LAW the attending angels designated two beings as prince and princess of the Paradisians. Adam was the prince of PARADISIA, and EVE was the princess. Both were originally dual partners, but neither remembered this. And they had also forgotten that they had already been a couple of princes in heaven. Thus it was to be that, unencumbered by their past, they should all be able to decide for or against GOD'S LAW, by their own free will. - It was a wonderful time in PARADISIA, and the beings were kind and friendly, tried hard to be good friends, and nature was also their good friend. The angels frequented them and were happy that the Paradisians lived so pleasing to GOD,

The trial period was nearly over, and heaven already began preparing the festivity for the 'homecomers', when an inhabitant of PARADISIA became weary of waiting so long. He wanted to build an appropriate 'ship' to get across the large river to PARADISIO without the angels' help. 'This has been going on much too long,' he grumbled, 'I can enter the garden of PARADISIO without the angels, I do not need their help! - I need not wait any longer, I am already mature for it!'- The others tried to dissuade him from carrying out his plan, but there was no stopping him, and he set to work. Because of his pride the gates to the dimension of hell opened and the perverted forces of hell's inhabitants streamed towards him. So cruel thoughts suddenly entered this Paradisian's head, and he ruthlessly robbed the other Paradisians of the material that he needed to build his 'ship'. - In hell Lucifer seized the opportunity, and he personally took care of this Paradisian. He inspired him how to build the 'ship', so that it could really reach the other world. Finally his work was completed. And like a thief the Paradisian crept aboard the 'ship', when his relatives and friends were absent, and he started the journey across the large river. Lucifer let him take possession of all living beings in the name of all Paradisians. Then he led him back again.

Back in PARADISIA the Paradisian was induced by Lucifer, little by little, to entice all his friends and relatives into coming with him to PARADISIO. 'Come all with me to the New World. It is wonderful! - Nothing happened to me that could have harmed me. Look how fine I am! THE VOICE LIED, we need not wait for the angels. There is no danger at all!' That is what he shouted at them, and in the end he even managed to move EVE, the princess of PARADISIA, to come along to PARADISIO. Meanwhile hell's inhabitants inspired the Paradisians to torture and kill the animals in PARADISIO, to eat the meat thereafter in honour of their 'true prince'. So they disobeyed GOD'S LAW. - Then EVE, the princess of PARADISIA, moved her husband and prince, ADAM, to journey along to the unknown garden of PARDISIO. ADAM first refused to accept this forbidden fruit of GOD'S creation. However, when he saw that all his subjects had already done the journey, and that they had remained unharmed, he thought GOD had not meant HIS former announcement that way. So he made up his mind to do the journey, and in high spirits he went aboard the 'ship'. However, he had hardly left PARADISIA when GOD'S VOICE was booming through the whole dimension.

'ADAM you have violated MY LAW. You listened to the temptations of the old snake, which from hell has led you and yours astray. Now you will have to go on obeying this snake. So do leave my garden of PARADISIA. Leave this sphere and journey into damnation again, where you belong to.'

And the angels appeared holding fierce swords in their hands, and they all expelled them from the GARDEN of PARADISE, as the sphere was now also called, and they fell into hell again. There was misery and lamentation.

CHRIST THE KING was like all the other inhabitants of heaven very much disappointed about the definitive fall of the Paradisians. So HE decided that the second part of the divine plan of salvation should be initiated at once. And so it was done.

The KING had seven warrior-angels come to HIM. These seven warriors were brothers, more precisely, they were septuplets and were born in the same force. In fact it is not unusual for septuplets to be born in heaven, but it is remarkable for all seven to be born in the same force. These seven heavenly warriors had distinguished themselves at the purge of heaven by their combined effort against the villains. It is true, they had always put their seven fiery swords together in such a way that the outcoming firerays were pencilled and thus struck the villains much more concentrated. Therewith they had achieved that many of the fallen spirits instantly recognised their mistake and repented of it on the spot.

When the seven warrior-brothers stood in front of the KING, they bowed deep to their KING AND LORD and paid homage to HIM. Thus they respected the divine LAW, and GOD and CHRIST were very pleased. And so the KING said,

'MY dear friends, as I may call you, for you have always been MY loyal friends. Therefore I want you to always be at MY side in the future, when the princes of heaven come and see ME. For MY friends are also GOD'S friends!'
The seven brothers were very pleased with such a distinction, and they thanked GOD and CHRIST for it. Then the eldest of the brothers said, 'KING AND LORD, we are greatly honoured to belong to YOUR FRIENDS, and we will be happy to be YOUR guests when YOU celebrate. Nevertheless we always want to remain YOUR warriors, and if we can be useful to YOU or the FATHER in any way, just let us know! - We are always at YOUR command!'

And the seven warriors bowed deep again. And the KING said, 'Very well! I charge you in MY NAME and in the FATHER'S WILL to go and find the prince of darkness in hell and to tell him the following on MY behalf and on behalf of THE FATHER, 'WE ask you to put part of your domain at OUR disposal, so that WE can embellish it. Your people are to be allowed to live there in more beautiful surroundings. However, you will remain their ruler, of course, and that area will continue to be your property!' - These are your words, and the prince of hell is to answer you! - For according to the LAW WE need his agreement, if WE want to do something in his field of force. - Then go and establish order in hell! Take as many warriors and guards with you as you need. Divide hell up into thirteen levels. The thirteenth and lowest level shall be the home of the most wicked. The first and outer level, also called limbo, shall be the home of those who recognise their mistake, and who want to change for the better. And then announce to the latter that now a possibility is being created for a salvation to take place. They shall be patient and shall not lose heart. For this will take some TIME.' And when the KING had finished, the seven brothers bowed deep once more in front of HIM and of GOD, thanked for the task and set out.

When the seven warriors had arrived at the edge of hell's abyss, they joined their fiery swords again, and with the pencilled fire-ray the heavenly power symbol of the cross was branded there. So they could enter the domain of hell unhindered. There the atmosphere was anything but pleasant. - Already at hell's gate the horrible screams from hell's inhabitants had made them shiver. Standing here in CHAOS the heavenly warriors nearly felt sick with the ghastly stench. Furthermore the screams and screeches of hell's inhabitants were even more penetrating than before. Except for that, here everything was pitch-black. If the warrior-angels had not used their fiery swords as torches they would hardly have found the way to Lucifer, though they were aware that the worst spirit must also spread the worst stench, and, leaving that out of consideration, Lucifer's horrifying howling was really heard above all.

Now the heavenly warrior-brothers stood in front of Lucifer, the prince of darkness, and according to the LAW, they greeted him as such in the following manner,' Hale, prince of all darkness, lord of CHAOS, called SATAN! - We have come in the name of the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION and in the WILL OF GOD ALMIGHTY to make you an offer.' - Of course, Lucifer wanted to know what kind of offer this was, and they informed him in the same words as the KING had instructed them to do. - Contrary to what you might have supposed, Lucifer agreed, ' I accept the offer, all right! I am not such a fool to miss an opportunity of beautifying my domain. You are allowed to do all that is necessary. - I know for sure that I am smarter than that stupid CHRIST, and, on occasion, I will thwart his liberation plans, be sure of that!'

At once the seven heavenly warrior-brothers set to work. They went to the exit of hell. Once there, they knelt down and asked GOD THE FATHER to send them the friends and fighters necessary to establish order in hell, as well as the designated guards. The seven brothers had hardly thanked GOD for HIS help when the helpers, they had just asked HIM for, were at hand and asked for their instructions, which they were given at once.

And divine order was established in CHAOS, for hell was divided into thirteen levels with the help of the heavenly fighters and according to the instructions given by GOD and CHRIST. The inhabitants of hell were assigned to these levels according to GOD'S LAW. And the thirteen heavenly guards, charged by GOD, moved into position in the thirteen levels of hell.

Then the seven brothers walked up to the beings who were living in limbo from now on and announced to them, 'Rejoice, GOD heard your prayers! An opportunity is being created, so that a salvation can take place. However, do practise patience, for it will take some TIME!' Thus the seven warrior-brothers spoke according to CHRIST'S instructions. Since then the word 'TIME' has existed. It is the expression for the HOPE of the repentant inhabitants of limbo. Actually, however, it is LOVE-WISDOM. But nobody would have understood this in hell.

And the seven warrior-brothers were specially honoured by GOD and CHRIST for their loyalty, and since then they have joined the large circle of CHRIST'S friends.

Now the stipulations for the next and third part of GOD'S great plan of salvation had been set up. - In that domain of hell which Lucifer had put at the disposal of GOD and CHRIST so that THEY could beautify it, the material COSMOS came into existence. It is also called the Third Dimension of the creation. This time again the builders of heaven and the heavenly nature-spirits had engaged their forces to form this new dimension. But here the forces of hell were also acting, for, the whole was after all, in Lucifer's sphere of influence. So this new dimension consisted of a mixture of heavenly and hellish forces, of good and evil, of truth and lies. And so there could only be imperfection. Nevertheless this MATTER, as the dimension was also called, was remarkably more beautiful than anything else in the hellish sphere, and Lucifer was satisfied with the deal.

The angel who supervised the forces of limbo decided in each case which of the spirits living there were incorporated into matter. Some of these beings were even ready to assume special tasks to live in the form of a planet till the end of all matter. They wanted to help those who had led them to rebel against GOD and CHRIST come back again to good. - And so it happened.

The creation of matter lasted considerably longer than any human being can imagine. Yet, the sequence was absolutely the same as it is represented in the biblical account of the creation. The expression 'For GOD thousand years are a day' is only symbolic, and it means that with GOD happiness is infinite. And so 'time', if you can mention it at all there, goes by incredibly quickly. And so the biblical concept of 'the seven days of the creation of the world' only means that each of these 'days' simply is a section of this creation of the world. In the spiritual world each part of GOD'S great plan of salvation is also called a 'day', respectively 'a part of the whole'.- Now that the material world was to form, the heavenly forces, designated therefore, had to unite with the forces of hell. This could only happen with a great jerk, and there was an incredibly loud bang which could be heard throughout the whole creation, and it produced great joy both in the heavens and in limbo.

In the heavens, however, some personalities pleased, it is true, with the preliminaries to the forthcoming salvation of the spirits having rebelled against GOD, could not really rejoice. They were the personalities who, at the great fall of the spirits, had scornfully looked down on the disloyal ones. They had considered it too stupid to take the trouble to prevent the disloyal spirits from their wrong doing. - During the first part of the divine plan of salvation, as well as during the preparations for matter, these personalities had been waiting for their punishment by GOD. It is true they had not made the mistake of rebelling. But they knew, that they had committed a big mistake of unkindness, and that they, too, deserved a just punishment. And though everybody in heaven was as kind towards them as before the fall, they no longer felt at ease there. - When the big bang of the origin of matter had completely died away, then CHRIST the KING, on behalf of GOD, had the following announced to these personalities,

'You know that you have committed the mistake of unkindness towards the disloyal spirits. Therefore you no longer feel at ease in the perfection of heaven. Go and set up your own world of wisdom which is to become love again. It shall be neither heaven nor hell, neither paradise nor matter. But it shall be between the garden of paradise and the confines of matter. - As, in spite of all that you have remained loyal to ME and to the FATHER, your world will be outside the sphere of hell. It will be called the fourth dimension of the creation or HALF-MATTER. As you refused love to those who rebelled against GOD, you will first have to learn to love your equals again, before you are able to give love again to the ascending spirits. But you shall endeavour to make up for your mistake and, as soon as you possibly can, help the beings in the material world to come back to the FATHER and ME. - So be it, for such is GOD'S HOLY WILL! - AMEN!'

And while the spirits, who had made the mistake of unkindness, set about creating their own half-material world, the individual celestial bodies separated from the bulk of the newly created matter in the COSMOS. Thus planets and fixed stars took up their position in the material universe, and the spirits who were incarnated in them, tried to cope with their new task.

The spiritual being BISTERA, too, had been incarnated in one of these new material planets. A particularly important and difficult task was awaiting this planet, for here those spirits were to be incarnated who were to live in an angelic form and walk upright. And there CHRIST the KING was to release the power of redemption, to fight hell afterwards and to defeat it. Only thus the spirits in hell could be delivered from Lucifer's rule and thereafter set out on the way to light. - But up to there it was still a long and awkward way for BISTERA. For first the spirits who came from limbo had to go through the material stages of the body to adjust their spiritual body again to something harmonious. So these beings first had to be incarnated as micro-organisms and minerals. Then as plants and afterwards as animals before they could have again an angelic body. - This stage of physical adjustment lasted very long for the individual spiritual beings, and BISTERA impatiently waited for the moment when the first angelic being was to be incarnated in matter.

And then the time had come when CHRIST the KING together with the scientists in heaven used their forces and the forces of matter to form the body of the FIRST HUMAN BEING. - It was a clumsy, hairy material body of a male being resembling that of an animal, and yet fundamentally different from it in its cell structure. Then the male spiritual being the first to be mature for this was incorporated in this body. - He was ADAM, the same ADAM who initially, as a prince of heaven, had decided for Lucifer's rule in sympathy for another personality. Later as prince of PARADISIA, he once more proved his disobedience towards GOD'S LAW. When subsequently, together with his wife EVE and all the other Paradisians, he was thrown back into hell, he felt terribly sorry for his mistake, and he, like EVE, took great trouble in also helping other spirits in hell to understand. So it happened, that they were numbered among the first beings to be taken to limbo. Later on they were also the first to go through the various bodily stages in matter. And now they were also to be the first humans. For according to GOD'S LAW they had deserved this.

The first man was like a child, though his body was that of an adult. The angels of heaven taught ADAM all that he had to know to be able to survive in matter. They also taught him to be kind and friendly with the beings from the surrounding nature and to look at all animals, plants and minerals as friends and brothers and sisters. Then came the time when ADAM was longing for a personality to be his equal and his partner. Therefore the body of the first female being had first to be created. As the required forces were already contained in ADAM'S body in the appropriate composition, CHRIST, and the scientists of heaven responsible for this, sent him into a deep sleep, that is also called trance. During such a trance the body's forces easily come loose and the spirits of heaven are allowed to use them for God-given tasks in matter. So it also happened here, that the body's forces of the first human being came loose, and the specialists of heaven used part of them to form the body of the second human being. This time it was a female body which, it is true, was just as hairy and clumsy as that of the first human being, and yet, it was built somewhat more graceful. EVE's spirit was incarnated into this second human body. She had been waiting for this in the beyond. As a human being EVE, too, was like a child, though she was grown up. ADAM who well understood her situation, gently tried to help her and taught her all she had to know in her material life, just as the angels had also taught him.

Then when the time had come for ADAM and EVE to unite physically, they heard 'GOD'S VOICE' coming from a power-cloud announce them the following with a loud thunderous noise,
'ADAM, EVE, you people on the earth of the planet BISTERA, obey MY LAW which is at the same time MY BLESSING for you. Do always listen to MY holy angels and obey their instructions for they are a help for you! Communicate with MY angels, this can only be for your good! However, avoid communicating with the spirits in hell, this can only harm you! - Love and respect the beings of nature, for they are your friends and brothers and sisters! - So it is MY WILL that you, ADAM and EVE be blessed and be called the parents of mankind, for your descendants shall be numerous. Educate your children to be good humans, who keep MY LAWS and do MY WILL, so that they make the coming of the Saviour possible! - So go, be fruitful, grow and multiply, and subdue the earth with every living being on it, and rule as good and just princes over these beings! -
Thus be it, for THIS IS MY WILL!'

And so it happened!

GOD and CHRIST saw that the people on the earth of the planet BISTERA tried hard to do GOD'S WILL, and THEY were pleased. So GOD blessed the humans. And the descendants of ADAM and EVE filled the earth and were very friendly towards all animals, plants, minerals and nature-spirits living on BISTERA.

But it did not take long, when evil, which, after all, makes up a large part of the force of matter, became prevalent again, and the humans were influenced by the vibrations of hell's spirits. One of ADAM'S sons, ABEL, was a shepherd who very much loved animals and the beings of nature. ABEL was happy as a shepherd, and he thanked GOD by immolating the most beautiful animal of his flock. GOD was pleased with this offering, for it came from the heart, and so the clear smoke of the burnt-offering went skywards. ABEL'S brother CAIN, however, was a farmer. He worked hard farming his fields. When harvest time came CAIN also wanted to make an offering to GOD. But CAIN did not see why he should offer the best of his harvest to GOD. He thought that after all, he had worked hard enough, and so he was very certainly entitled to the best of his labour, too. When thinking so CAIN did not understand, that he actually owed all to GOD, both his fields and his life. So he took some withered shrubs and offered them to GOD. However, GOD was in no way pleased with this unkind offering. And to show CAIN his wrong doing, and that HE did not think of accepting such a sacrifice, GOD did not allow the fire of the burnt-offering to blaze up, and so its smoke could not go skywards. - CAIN knew at once what that meant. But instead of recognizing his mistake he just felt jealous of his brother ABEL, and in a rage he rushed at the latter and slew him. - Soon after this deed, CAIN recognized his mistakes and full of fear of what was going to happen then, he tried to hide. But GOD and CHRIST knew well where he was. And with fright CAIN heard GOD'S VOICE thundering and asking him:
'CAIN, why are you hiding from ME? Come out of your hiding place and tell me, 'Where is your brother ABEL? What has happened to him, as I cannot find him anymore in the material world?'

If CAIN had now told the truth and regretted his mistake, GOD and CHRIST would have helped him on to mend his ways. But he was only obstinate in his jealousy of ABEL. He was influenced by the spirits in hell who inspired him and he thought GOD would still prefer his brother ABEL to him. And so he impudently gave GOD the following answer,
'Am I to look after my brother? How shall I know where he is? Here in the fields I have not seen him, anyway. - Go and look for him in the pasture with his sheep, that is where he belongs to!'

Thereupon GOD'S VOICE thundered again,
'CAIN, CAIN why do you lie to me? - You have become your brother's murderer and you want to hide the truth from me! - Therefore my curse shall hit you. You will leave this area where life was so pleasant to you. Go and do not come back until you repent of your sins, and you want to change for the better.'

But CAIN, full of rage, did not think of repenting of anything. He took one of his sisters by force and made her his slave. He took her with him to a far country. There life was inhospitable, indeed, but his brothers and sisters living there, kindly received him. CAIN, however, paid their confidence with meanness and brute force, until he had subjugated them all, and they were only just his slaves. GOD was very angry with him on that account, and CHRIST, the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION, punished him for with illness and infirmity.

And so life went on in the material world. The humans were influenced on the one hand by the powers of the evil spirits, and on the other by the good spirits of GOD. They were torn
  • between good and evil,
  • between right and wrong,
  • between justice and injustice.

But whenever the force in the beyond was golden, and at least one human being managed to ignore all evil and managed to serve only truth and justice, then the spiritual gateways to hell were closed, and the holy spirits of GOD were only to be allowed to influence the material world. Then peace prevailed in the world of the humans for an era.

Such an era was called 'a golden age' or 'an Atlantic age'. For the human being who had caused the closing of hell's gates by his devotion to truth and justice, was given the title of ATLANTAN. And that means as much as GOD'S FIGHTER. All humans who then followed this ATLANTAN, and who just like this ATLANTAN took advice from the spirits of GOD, engaged for truth and justice, were then also called ATLANTANS, both by the spirits of GOD and by all other humans. - The Atlantans on the basis of the instruction by the holy spirits of GOD, stood up again for nature and became good friends to animals and nature beings. The nature-spirits liked to appear to them and taught them GOD'S laws of nature. And the Atlantans obeyed GOD'S laws. - The spirits in heaven taught them how to command the forces of nature in accordance with GOD and to HIS glory. - And the Atlantans tried hard to do all to the glory of GOD. - This filled GOD and CHRIST with great joy, and so THEY let the Atlantans know that the KING OF HEAVEN would come down to earth some day, to definitely deliver the humans from the power of hell, if they kept on being so devout. And the Atlantans thanked GOD for this tidings and prepared everything for the arrival of the KING OF HEAVEN in the material world. And they were patiently waiting for HIM. -

But the upshot was only logical. The Atlantans became tired of waiting and they started grumbling about GOD. - For this reason the gates of hell gradually opened, and the spirits in hell regained power over matter again. And the country of the Atlantans was sent to the depth of the sea by GOD and HIS people.

Beautiful ATLANTIS existed already eight times on earth. Eight times the Atlantans had led a life pleasing to GOD, and eight times these human spirits had become discontented with GOD. Each time GOD had had to interfere, and HE had severely punished the Atlantans. And each time ATLANTIS had been sent to the bottom of the sea.

But now the next part of the great plan of salvation was to begin, for GOD knew how important it was to prepare the arrival of the saviour in the material world with great exactness. As a further most important component of the whole the belief in GOD had to be built up again with the humans and to be maintained. Therefore GOD wanted to educate his own people who would serve only HIM and keep to HIS LAWS, but this time the conditions would be considerably more difficult than for the Atlantans of ancient times. For, after all, the time was in the midst of a 'satanic age' also called 'a Luciferian age'. And this because during such a period Lucifer's rule in the material world was absolutely uncontrolled, for GOD'S justice wanted it thus.

CHRIST HIMSELF wanted to assume the difficult task of educating the people of GOD and keeping its belief in GOD unadulterated. So the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION chose a man among the humans who was honest, just and kind-hearted at a time. ABRAM was his name. With kith and kin he lived in the city of Ur, the town of his ancestors. One day, when looking after his fields, he heard a rumble of thunder approaching from far. And as the sky was clear and brightly lit, Abram was scared and threw himself on the ground. Then he became aware of rather a pleasant smell. And when he lifted his head to find out where this fragrance came from, he saw a large white cloud in the sky, out of which bright lightning flashed in all directions. The cloud lowered and wrapped him completely, when he heard 'GOD'S VOICE' gently talk to him,

'ABRAM, MY child, be happy, for your GOD is pleased with you. And so I have chosen you to serve ME. So get up, say goodbye to all your acquaintances and false friends, take all your belongings and move away, with kith and kin to the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey! - There I will bless you so that you will be fertile and the father of a great people. - Now, go my child and be fearless, for your GOD will protect you!'

And Abram fulfilled GOD'S will.

So at GOD'S command, ABRAM set out for the Promised Land 'flowing with milk and honey'. Of his kith and kin only his nephew was ready to accompany him. All other family members considered him completely mad, when he sold his possessions in Ur to move to an unknown country. And when ABRAM told them what it had been like when GOD talked to him, they said, 'What does that mean 'GOD' talked to me, which GOD do you mean? - There are countless deities. You don't fool yourself into thinking that a really important god would address you to bless you, poor wretch. Do go home and do not drink so much, if alcohol disagrees with you!' And they laughed at him and ridiculed him.

But ABRAM stood firm, and, together with his wife SARAI, his nephew LOT and the latter's wife, followed by servants and slaves and the livestock, belonging to him and LOT, he left Ur and moved to a foreign country, to be blessed there by GOD and to become the ancestor of a large people.

It was a long and trying journey. But whenever ABRAM was about to lose heart wondering whether he was still on the right way the GOD-sent cloud showed him the way. During this long journey GOD tested ABRAM who remained devoted to GOD. LOT did the same.

The women, however, were soon weary of the journey and were longing for town life as they were used to it. For that reason and to buy fresh provisions, they made a detour via Egypt. When they had arrived there, ABRAM learned that the King of Egypt was looking for beautiful women for his harem, and that he was ready to pay a high price for them. - ABRAM, who was very fond of money, had already felt sorry for some time for having left the rich and fertile soil of the surroundings of Ur. For he had always earned a lot of money from the crop. He remembered that his wife SARAI, though she was very beautiful, was sterile. He thought he 'd rather sell her. - 'Then, he thought, I shall get a younger wife who can give birth to the children that GOD promised to me! - As, however, it was strictly prohibited in Egypt to sell one's wife, ABRAM passed SARAI off for his sister. And the merchants bought SARAI for the harem of the King of Egypt. But this was against GOD'S WILL. - So CHRIST, THE KING AND LORD OF HEAVEN, sent an angel who appeared in PHARAOH'S dream and warned him,
'If you really unite physically with this woman, who is a newcomer to your harem and who is called SARAI, the LORD OF HEAVEN AND LIGHT kills you on the spot and throws you down into darkness. For this woman is already some other man's wife. He has passed himself off for her brother to sell her with profit.'

PHARAOH was horrified at this news. He sent for SARAI and asked her whether it was true that she was already married. - Then SARAI thought that he had learnt from his people what had happened. Crying she told him everything. - When he listened to her fate, PHARAOH felt sorry for SARAI, and he sent for ABRAM. When ABRAM came to the King, PHARAOH asked him,
'Why did you lie to me and withhold from me that this is your wife? - Because of you the LORD OF HEAVEN AND LIGHT is angry with me and wants to throw me down into darkness. For he sent an angel to warn me not to come near her, because she is your wife. So take your wife and get out of my sight! And be glad to have such a wife who in spite of such an outrage on your side has asked me to have mercy with you!'

Now ABRAM knew that GOD would not allow him to sell SARAI. With a heavy heart he gave PHARAOH all that money back and moved out of Egypt with SARAI and his people.

ABRAM felt sorry for what he had done and asked GOD to forgive him. - Then he offered SARAI golden jewellery and a servant whom he had bought in Egypt. And guided by the GOD-sent cloud they all travelled on to the Promised Land.

For many years ABRAM and his people were travelling across the desert, guided by the God-sent cloud. The journey was tough and trying, for GOD and CHRIST severely tested ABRAM as well as LOT. Their wives also had to bear a lot of privations, but they silently submitted to their fate. Above all SARAI suffered a lot from her husband's unkindness, for ABRAM could still not forgive her having told PHARAO the truth about him. However, as he now knew that GOD wanted SARAI to stay with him, he kept her.

At long last they reached the Promised Land and the God-sent cloud led them onto a hill, and ABRAM made his people pitch the tents there. - When it was getting dark ABRAM retired in his tent and thanked GOD for having safely led him and his people into this wonderful country, through all difficulties. And he wholeheartedly praised and glorified GOD for HIS GOODNESS. GOD was very pleased with this, and the 'VOICE OF GOD' said to ABRAM,

'ABRAM, MY CHILD, listen to ME: YOUR OBEDIENCE TO ME IS YOUR STRENGTH, for that reason I want to bless you now, so that you may be fertile and your progeny be as numerous as the grains of sand on the beach. - Go on being MY SERVANT. Look around in the country of Palestine, where I have led you, but always come back to this place, for it is blessed. However, do keep far away from the cities of SODOM and GOMORRHA, which are in the plain, for their inhabitants are wicked people and servants of evil! And only allow those wanderers in your tent, which I send to you.! It is for your best. - Now go to your wife SARAI, for now I have also blessed her!'

And while the 'VOICE OF GOD' was thus talking to ABRAM, he was enveloped in a light so strong that the whole tent was illuminated by it. The same happened in SARAI'S tent. LOT, his wife and all the servants saw this. All were very astonished. LOT, however, said 'The LORD OF HEAVEN AND LIGHT has blessed my master ABRAM and his wife SARAI, so that each of us should see and recognise the LORD'S GOODNESS! GLORY TO GOD OUR LORD! And he went down on his knees, hiding his face in his hands. GOD and CHRIST took pleasure in these words, and the light fell on LOT, and the 'VOICE OF GOD' sounded forth like thunder, so that it could be heard by all.
'You, too, LOT have always been a faithful servant to ME; and you have now honoured ME, as it is suitable. Therefore I will always protect you and be with you, whatever may come. - Wherever your feet will take you, MY servants will be near you and watch over your welfare, for you deserve this.'

Thereupon all people present went down on their knees and thanked GOD for HIS GOODNESS.

In the time following ABRAM and LOT explored the surroundings, travelling through Palestine. But they always returned to their campsite, as GOD had advised ABRAM to do. Soon however, there was not enough pasture land for their animals and they decided to separate. LOT decided to move away near the cities in the plain, for his wife was longing for town-life. So they separated their herds and said farewell to each other. In spite of ABRAM'S warning from GOD who had advised him to avoid the cities in the plain, LOT and his family settled in the neighbourhood of SODOM, which was a rich business town.

Time went by and ABRAM knew how to use the rich and fertile soil of Palestine. He made a lot of money from the crops and his herds, and he became richer than he had ever been in Ur. - GOD'S blessing was on all that ABRAM did.

But SARAI remained childless, and she questioned GOD'S word. Growing older she thought the time was gone when she could have become a mother. ABRAM, however, still wanted an heir. So she led her Egyptian slave woman to her husband to beget the longed-for son. And so it happened. - But this was against GOD'S WILL.

And HAGA, the Egyptian woman, became pregnant and bore a son. ABRAM called him ISMAEL. ABRAM was very proud of ISMAEL, for he was healthy and powerfully built and he developed well. And HAGA was just as proud of being the mother of her master's son and spitefully looked down on SARAI, who was still childless. 'Look, at that dried up tree which has never borne any fruit and will never bear any! My fruit, however, can be seen and admired by everybody, for it is beautiful and strong, and my master loves it very much'. So HAGA jibed at her mistress again and again. But SARAI silently bowed to her hard fate and always remained friendly towards her maid.

At harvest time travellers came along and wanted to enter ABRAM'S tent. ABRAM said, 'I only allow those into my ten whom my LORD and GOD sends to me. Prove whose servants you are so that I can see whether you are those I am waiting for!' The travellers were angry at that, they cursed ABRAM and GOD and disappeared in a dark cloud.

When the harvest was over, ABRAM thanked GOD for all HIS gifts and offered HIM his finest grain and his best lamb. - Then, in the distance, ABRAM saw three men coming across the fields. When they had approached him they greeted him in a friendly way and asked to be allowed to camp near his tents, for they had travelled far and wanted to share their bread with him. ABRAM also asked these three men to tell him whose servants they were, for he only accepted those people near his tents who had been sent to him his GOD. - Thereupon the three threw back their coats and they shone in a bright light, and the one in the middle said, 'We act on behalf of the ALMIGHTY, ETERNAL AND ONLY GOD AND CREATOR. THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION appointed by GOD, ordered us to bring you the following message.

'ABRAM listen attentively, your nephew LOT is in great danger. For SODOM and GOMORRHA are now completely in the powerful claws of the evil spirits. I have to destroy the towns in the plain, so that their inhabitants do not cause more havoc than they have already wreaked now.'

ABRAM was horrified 'If the LORD, however, sees that there are still ten thousand willing people in the town, could HE not spare the town for their sake?'

'The LORD speaks thus,
If there were still ten thousand innocent people in this town I could spare SODOM.
If there were still a thousand I could spare SODOM.
If there were still a hundred I could spare SODOM.
If there were still ten innocent people in SODOM I would spare the town.
And if there were only five decent people in this town so I would spare it.
But that is not the case!

Then ABRAM went on his knees and loudly begged GOD to have mercy on his nephew LOT and his family. Then the GOD-SENT CLOUD shone above the three strangers and the VOICE OF GOD was heard loud and distinct for all.
'I have promised to send my servants to protect MY PEOPLE and I keep MY WORD as I have always done and I will always do!'
In tears ABRAM thanked GOD and praised HIM for HIS LOVING KINDNESS. Then ABRAM asked the three angels in human shape to come with him into his tent. He had now recognized the kind of travellers THE MAGNIFICENT GOD had sent to him. In his tent ABRAM himself entertained the angels and offered them the finest food and wine. And while they were sitting together eating the angels in human shape related what wicked things happened in the towns on the plain,
'Harlotry and vices of all kinds are extolled as virtues. True virtues are considered as vices. From early childhood young people are as spoilt as the adults. However, the old and weak people are made responsible for all misfortune and they are exposed to atrocious tortures until they finally die.'

Before the angels took leave they blessed ABRAM and their leader said, 'Thus the LORD OF HEAVEN speaks to you,
'ABRAM, GOD bless you, for you have done MY SERVANTS the honour that is due to them and you did not let into your tent the servants of evil. Go on being so wise and follow the instructions from the SUPREME GOD and you will have all you want!'
Thereupon a bright cloud wrapped the three angels and they vanished from ABRAM'S sight.

When the angels had disappeared ABRAM offered GOD THE ALMIGHTY a young flawless ram. He thanked GOD for HIS GOODNESS AND HIS WISDOM. Thereupon ABRAM felt wonderfully strengthened, and he was filled with great peace. So he went to SARAI'S tent, and he stayed with her until the next morning.

During that time the evil power of hell ruled over the cities in the plain.
In GOMORRHA as well as in and SODOM people were utterly perverse. In the frenzied communications with the evil spirits, they behaved like wild animals that have lost control over their senses. Shouting and bawling they swayed through the streets of the cities and worshipped the lord of darkness. In their madness they beat their heads raw against the walls of the houses and were hardly aware of the pain. With terribly distorted faces, that only reflected their inner rottenness, they set out to ruin or kill 'the enemy in their midst', as they called ABRAM'S nephew LOT.

However, GOD had also sent the messengers to LOT to warn him. The three angels in human shape had just appeared at LOT'S. The leading angel had hardly explained to LOT that he was in great danger and that, under GOD'S protection, he and his family should flee from SODOM, when there was a thundering hammering at the gate of the house. 'Open this gate to us, friend of light, and grant us entrance', the furious people roared. LOT asked,' Who are you, and what do you want?' They blared, 'We are the servants of the lord of night. We want to worship the dark night, and we call on you to come and dance and sing with us, so that the god of night shall be pleased with you as he is pleased with us. If, however, you refuse to come yourself so send your sons out in your stead, so that they unite their spirits and bodies with the goddesses of lust.' LOT was horrified. Nevertheless he approached the gate of the house, opened a little hatch and said to those standing outside. 'Neither me nor my sons will come to you, for we do not serve the lord of darkness, and we do not want to deal with him either. But if you want to worship this monster, then take your own daughters with you, as you are used to doing.' They then yelled as if they were struck by fire, and roaring and a stench rose from among them as from the mouth of a monstruous animal, and a dark cloud moved up to LOT. - Then one of the angels pulled LOT back from the gate, and he ordered the villains to disappear in the name of the KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION. The dark cloud disappeared and the infuriated people withdrew, shouting. The angel in human shape slammed the hatch in the gate and said to LOT, 'Do not worry, they will not come back today. But now take your wife, your children and your faithful servants with you and follow me. For I will take you to a safe place. However, you shall follow me without looking back unless you become a pillar of salt.'

So LOT gathered his relatives and loyal servants and explained to them what was going to happen. His wife, it is true, very much regretted to have to leave behind all her possessions. However, she was glad to leave the surroundings of this awkward city. Then guided by the angels in human shape they left the house through the backdoor, and left the vicinity of SODOM and GOMORRHA. - They had hardly gone when a terrific bang was heard behind them. LOT remembered the angel's warning and loudly shouted, 'Do not look back, only look straight ahead and ask GOD to help and strengthen you!' But his wife succumbed to temptation. She wanted to see what was happening behind her, and so she turned round. As a dazzling light covered everything when SODOM and GOMORRHA were destroyed and turned again into sand and dust.

When the bang had completely faded away, and the dazzling light had disappeared the guiding angel made LOT and his people stop and look back. The cities in the plain had disappeared as if they had never existed. But a lonely figure could be seen in the distance. The woman who had not obeyed the warning from GOD'S angels stood there, solidified as a pillar of salt. - In tears LOT said, 'All of you behold the evidence your mistress has become! - She shall remind the passing travellers that actually nothing is more important than the obedience to the ONE, TRUE AND ALMIGHTY GOD!' And thus it happened.

The angels led LOT and his people back to ABRAM'S tent and left them at once. And ABRAM and his people were pleased to see LOT and his people again. ABRAM, LOT and SARAI together presented a burnt-offering to GOD THEIR LORD to thank HIM for HIS great mercy. And GOD and CHRIST were very pleased at this and blessed the three.

And although everybody had been sceptical, SARAI had become pregnant, and a healthy son was born to ABRAM. Thus according to GOD'S HOLY WILL the promise GOD had made to ABRAM fulfilled.

ABRAM was overjoyed and thanked GOD. He praised HIM for HIS kindness and love. Then the VOICE OF GOD was heard,

'ABRAM, I have kept my promise and given you a son, whom you shall call ISAAC for he shall serve ME. - You shall no longer be called ABRAM, but your name shall be ABRAHAM henceforth, for now you are the father of a great people. And the child's mother is called SARAH from now on, for she too is the mother of a great people which begins with the child. Watch over the mother and the child for both are of great value to me!'

And so from that day onward, the child's mother was called SARAH and his father ABRAHAM. They pleased GOD, led an honest life and were one in GOD'S WILL.

ISAAC grew up. Though ISAAC was rather frail and delicate he was his parents' pride. For the boy was exceptionally wise and quick at understanding. He was interested in everything that GOD had created and enjoyed listening to his father telling him all that had happened before GOD'S promise came true, and he ISAAC was born. Contrary to ISMAEL, ABRAHAM'S first-born son, from the maid HAGA, ISAAC was a very friendly child who very early conquered everybody's heart. ISAAC had a very good relationship to men and animals.

However, there was one personality that hated ISAAC abysmally: It was HAGA, ISMAEL'S mother. Since ISAAC'S birth ABRAHAM had considered her no more than any other maid. He still loved her child ISMAEL, but he no longer considered him his heir. - So HAGA first was only resentful at heart, but the older and the more beautiful ISAAC grew, the more her hatred towards him and his mother grew.

SARAH, on the other hand, since the begettal of their common son, had won her husband's love and respect. And since ISAAC'S birth she had also risen in everybody else's esteem. For now all women and men said, 'Look she is our true mistress, who fulfilled GOD ALMIGHTY'S promise and late in life, at the age of 90, she bore HIM the child who is a great blessing to our master and to all of us! - HAGA was the only who had a grudge against SARAH, and she also taught her son ISMAEL to be resentful.

So it once happened that ISMAEL, who was a strong boy, cast his half-brother ISAAC down while they were playing together, and he shouted, 'Thus you shall lie in front of me, softy. Actually you are only second. You shall be my servant, for I am the legitimate heir here!' - ABRAHAM who was near the children, heard this and quickly separated the two half-brothers, saying to ISMAEL, 'If you are stronger than your brother then help him get up again. For it is the stronger being's duty to help the weaker one!' The children calmed down and went on playing. But ABRAHAM was sad at heart. He now knew that it had been wrong to beget the first son with HAGA. But this could not be undone, and he now dearly loved both children.

Thereupon ABRAHAM took his bow and arrow and walked out into the fields. There he shot a hare which he offered GOD as a burnt-offering. ABRAHAM dropped to his knees and asked GOD to help him in his troubles. And the VOICE OF GOD said to ABRAHAM.
'ABRAHAM, I know your misery well. So listen to my advice: Separate the two children, and let ISMAEL and his mother wander across the desert. You shall give them water and food, sufficient for a day. I will take care of the rest.'

ABRAHAM was deeply moved, for he had not thought of having to separate from ISMAEL. But he did as GOD THE LORD had ordered him to do.
So the maid HAGA and her son ISMAEL were sent out into the desert, provided with food and water, sufficient for a day's journey. HAGA scowled and did not say a word when she left, but the boy cried loudly when he took leave from all. Many a servant and many a maid was shocked at their master ABRAHAM'S behaviour. And they said, 'Our master is a hard master who only now abandons the mother and the child. He had better have drowned them both right after the birth of his rightful son ISAAC.' - For that was the custom with people in those days.

ABRAHAM withdrew in his tent asking GOD to further help the mother and the child. - Then he was filled with great peace and thanked GOD for HIS KINDNESS AND UNDERSTANDING.

HAGA and the child walked across the desert for a day and a night. Then they remained lying down, exhausted and thirsty. And when the child started crying again, the mother recognized her own mistakes and she prayed to GOD.
'Forgive me, O LORD OF LIFE, for I have sinned, and I had become haughty in front of my masters. However, now I am suffering here, and the child is suffering still more. Have mercy and do not let the innocent child die such a dreadful death!'

And GOD THE LORD heard her prayers. Less than a step farther on, near the crying ISMAEL clear water suddenly bubbled up. And the water never dried up. The land was watered. Grass and all kinds of good plants sprouted most quickly, they blossomed and then bore fruit. Thus the mother and child were provided for as GOD had promised ABRAHAM. And ISMAEL grew up and stayed a loyal servant of GOD every day of his long life.

ISAAC grew up and ABRAHAM dearly loved him more and more.

But ABRAHAM loved his money more than anything else. Therefore he did not hesitate to send old and weak slaves into the desert, instead of supporting them in their old age. He preferred to buy younger and stronger slaves from the caravans moving past. For they could work harder on his fields and increase the yield.

When GOD THE LORD OF LIFE saw that ABRAHAM valued money more than the lives of these people, HE grew very angry. And when ABRAHAM wanted to have the crop gathered from the fields, his people came back home without having harvested because the birds had eaten up all the crop. ABRAHAM was horrified when he heard the news and went out to the fields to see himself. He had a dreadful sight. All the ears were torn off and eaten, only the naked stalks were moving in the wind. It all looked like a huge stubble field. Only now and then lay some grains scattered. Apart from that all the corn had disappeared. ABRAHAM understood that this must be GOD'S WORK. He said to himself that GOD surely knew why HE had allowed this to happen, but he ABRAHM ignored the reason. So he loudly said to GOD: 'LORD, ALMIGHTY GOD hear me. YOU sent the birds of heaven to eat the corn which I had sown to feed my people. But now I have nothing to feed my people - what do YOU want me to do to be able to feed my people again?' But then the VOICE OF GOD said to ABRAHAM:

'What I took from you is the food that you denied my children, whom you sent out into the desert for money's sake. - So if you want to feed your people, sow corn again and respect life more than money!'

ABRAHAM promised to do so. He sowed the grains which he could still find, asked GOD to BLESS the seed and he bought more grains with the money he had thought of saving on the bread of the old and weak slaves. He also sowed this fresh corn and again he asked GOD to bless it. - And GOD let the corn grow again and bear full ears within a very short time. And ABRAHAM had a rich crop.

However, hardly a year later when again one of his old and faithful slaves fell ill and grew weak ABRAHAM sent him again out into the desert to buy then a younger and stronger slave from the next caravan. - Thereupon GOD grew so angry that HE had ABRAHAM'S fields destroyed by a storm, so that nothing was left. And when ABRAHAM went to have a look at the damage done he heard the VOICE OF GOD ring in the wind:

'ABRAHAM, ABRAHAM you violated MY COMMANDMENT. Go and mend your ways. If you want to have rich crops again then first offer ME what you are most attached to! Burn it on the altar in MY HONOUR! Then I will see that you truly love ME. - And bring your son ISAAC to ME, for I want to bless him so that he shall walk in front of ME and serve ME, in this world as well as in the spiritual world!'

ABRAHAM thought that his heart was most attached to his son ISAAC, and he could not understand how GOD could ask such a terrible thing from him. 'I really cannot kill my own son!' he sadly thought. - But that was not GOD'S WILL at all. For GOD only wanted ABRAHAM to renounce to the god of money and to respect human life more than money. However, ABRAHAM was convinced that GOD wanted his son as a sacrifice so that ISAAC should serve HIM in the other world. So he took young ISAAC by the hand and went with him to the fields. There he told the boy that they were going to make GOD an offering to reconciliate with HIM so that HE would no more destroy their fields. And so they looked for stones to build an altar. - And ISAAC felt very strange and kept on saying, 'Father I am very scared. Here everything is so uncanny. - Father what shall we offer to GOD, there is no animal here to sacrifice and there is no corn either. Father where is the offering?' But ABRAHAM whose thoughts were guided by wicked spirits only impassively stared in front of himself without listening to the boy's questions. Finally when the altar was built, he took the boy by hand and told him to sit on the altar. But the boy violently resisted to doing so. But ABRAHAM took the child with a powerful hand and forced him to sit down on the altar, whereas ISAAC was crying loudly and shouting, 'Dear GOD in heaven, do not let me be the sacrifice, I really do not want to die! Please take me back to my mother!' And the moment when ABRAHAM was going to pierce the child's throat with his dagger he felt his hand pulled back and a very bright light wrapped him and ISAAC while the VOICE OF GOD was heard,

'STOP ABRAHAM. Let the child live. - Never did I tell you to kill your own son. - But you should burn the money which your heart is so attached to in MY honour! As you want to be obedient to ME in spite of the confusion of your mind under the influence of the wicked spirits I will forgive you for your child's sake. But now go and mend your ways at last! I want to bless ISAAC now, for I want to form MY alliance with him, for from his seed MY PEOPLE shall come forth which shall walk in front of ME and shall serve ME. And I want to mark him that he bears the seed of GOD'S PEOPLE in him!'

Full of tears ABRAHAM thanked GOD for HIS GOODNESS, and when he saw a hare run across the field he took his bow and arrow, shot it and together with ISAAC he offered it to GOD as a burnt offering to thank HIM. From that day onward ISAAC'S forehead lit whenever he spoke of GOD, which happened more and more often. - For ISAAC was a true servant of GOD.

ISAAC became an adult, married and his wife gave birth to two sons: ESAU and JACOB were the names ISAAC gave them at the recommendation of the LORD. They were twins, but ESAU was firstborn.

ESAU was a farmer who looked after his father's herds for he loved animals very much. JACOB,on the other hand,supervised the farm work. The brothers were also good friends. But all relatives, servants and slaves knew that after ISAAC'S death only one of the two brothers would be their master. He would be ESAU, the firstborn. For thus it was decreed by human law. - But ESAU disagreed with this. The young man was not interested in dominating the kin in the manner of his father and grandfather ABRAHAM. He preferred the animals' company to people's, except to his brother JACOB'S. - JACOB, however, was very skilful at dealing with people. Mediating between quarrelling people and reconciling them was easy for him. And just like his father ISAAC, he, at a very young age, was already interested in all that GOD created. Only ISAAC did not want to take away from ESAU,the rights as the firstborn son, and he persisted in having the latter as his successor. - But GOD'S decision was different.

So it happened that ESAU, who was often looking for wild honey on the fringe of the desert, had strayed in the desert. And like one of his animals he did not look back, but, when he saw some bees, he ran after them, penetrating more and more into the desert. Night came before he noticed what he had done. ESAU had ventured forward too much into the desert. This place was completely unfamiliar to him. Moreover he was tired, thirsty and hungry. He sat down, sad, looked up to the sky and talked to GOD, THE LORD OF LIFE, 'GOD ALMIGHTY I beg YOU, hear my supplication. Please ,lead me out of this desert again and take me back home. And whatever YOU ask from me, I will give it to YOU!' Then suddenly a stormy wind swept across the desert. It was so heavy that ESAU flew up in a swirl of sand that carried him far away and put him down most roughly at the edge of the desert. When still dazed ESAU opened his eyes, he recognised his brother JACOB'S tent not very far away from him. 'Thank you, my LORD', ESAU murmured, 'What do YOU require from me in recognition of my rescue? - I will give it to YOU!' At that moment his brother JACOB came out of his tent holding a dish of steaming lentils. Grinning JACOB said, 'I do not know what the LORD asks from you, but I would ask for your rights of the firstborn son ,if I saved you from starvation with this dish of lentils!' JACOB had been joking, it is true, but these words made ESAU'S flesh creep. And the light of the rising sun shone on JACOB'S figure so that it looked as if he did not belong to the material world, but to the spiritual one. - ESAU now knew what GOD claimed from him for his rescue. 'All right, brother' , he said in a harsh voice, 'Give me some lentils and my rights of the firstborn are yours. I am not particularly attached to them anyway ,as you know!' JACOB was startled, he would have liked to have the rights of the firstborn son, it is true, but he did not really mean what he had said a while ago. So he tried to make his brother change his mind again. 'But ESAU, that was just a joke!' - 'No, brother, that was GOD'S WILL announced to me through your mouth, for I felt the shiver and saw the light as a confirmation.' JACOB was dismayed. He did not fail to see that ESAU was firmly determined to renounce to the rights for his sake, and as he knew his brother's stubbornness ,he also knew that it was useless trying to get this out of his mind. But what would their father ISAAC say to this', he wondered? - He could prove just as stubborn as ESAU if having his way was at stake. - On the other hand it would really have been more sensible if he, JACOB, became the eldest of the kin after his father. He just had the required abilities. And ESAU was with heart and soul the herdsman of 'his animals' as he tenderly called them, and the responsibility of the eldest of the kin was simply too heavy for him. - So JACOB decided to leave it all to GOD, and he let his brother eat the lentils. Then the brothers set out back to their father.

ISAAC had grown old and had gone blind . For a fairly long time he had felt weak and ill, and he had his son ESAU called to him to bless him and to declare in front of all his people ,that he was their leader. But ESAU refused to go. JACOB wanted to reassure him and said, ' If you like I will come with you, brother!' ESAU glanced at-him and then thought, 'All right, but then we exchange our clothes, brother!' JACOB thought that ESAU wanted to play a harmless trick on their father and agreed. So the brothers exchanged their clothes, and JACOB looked like ESAU, clad with the latter's skins and carrying his horn over his shoulder. ESAU, on the other hand, looked like JACOB in the latter's clothes and with his bow and leather quiver over his shoulder. So the twin brothers entered their father ISAAC'S tent.

ISAAC answered his sons' greetings and then he said, 'The one who wears the skins and carries the horn should come near me.' And JACOB stepped up to his father. ISAAC felt the skins and the horn, then he smiled and made the son kneel down. JACOB became aware of what happened too late. ISAAC gave his blessing to this son kneeling in front of him and declared him the eldest of the kin and therewith as his successor in all. Then he also asked the SUBLIME GOD to also give HIS BLESSING to this son. And the light of GOD wrapped JACOB,which was seen by all who were present as a sign that all this was GOD'S WILL. - ESAU smiled, for he had known this already before.

JACOB married. His first wife LEAH gave birth to ten sons. REUBEN, SIMEON, LEVI, JUDAH, DAN, NEPHTALI, GAD, ASHER, ISSACHAR and ZEBULUN. After LEAH'S death JACOB married her younger sister RACHEL who bore two more sons: JOSEPH and BENJAMIN.

JACOB loved RACHEL'S sons more than his other sons for they took very much after their mother. This, of course, irritated the elder brothers a lot, and they became jealous of JOSEPH and BENJAMIN.

When JOSEPH was sixteen he had strange dreams which he told his father and his brothers, 'I dreamt that my brothers and I were in the fields tying up sheaves. Then my sheaves got up and stood up straight in the wind, and my brothers' lay down in front of them.' His elder brothers were vexed and thought that JOSEPH must be very arrogant to have such dreams.

At some other time JOSEPH reported again a dream, 'I dreamt that the sun, the moon and the stars were all bowing down to me.' Then his brothers thought again that JOSEPH was in fact very arrogant if he had such dreams. JUDAH said to him, 'You are much too conceited and arrogant. Who do you think you are? - Are your brothers, your father and mother supposed to bow down to you and serve you? You better stop your daydreams and work hard as we all do.' Contrary to their elder brothers JOSEPH and BENJAMIN had delicate statures, as you know, and JOSEPH, like BENJAMIN, was absolutely unable to do hard physical work. Therefore JOSEPH, who was quick at learning and eager for knowledge, was designated by JACOB to manage his property. BENJAMIN was only seven years old and too young to work. In the meanwhile he played with his father's dogs.

Once when LEAH'S sons took care of their fathers flock in a more remote area, JOSEPH, at his father's recommendation, went to his elder brothers to take fresh provisions to them and to inquire after their well-being. When the brothers saw JOSEPH in the distance, they grew even more jealous than usual and were very angry. For JOSEPH was riding his father's horse, and he wore a new colourful garment, that JACOB had ordered to be made for him, so that he could be recognised everywhere as the manager of his father's property. Mad with jealousy LEAH'S sons decided to kill JOSEPH and to throw his body into a well. Then they wanted to tell their father that a wild animal had killed JOSEPH. REUBEN; however, wanted to spare JOSEPH'S life and shouted, 'Let's not kill him, brothers, let's not spill blood, for his blood would call GOD'S vengeance on us. We better throw him at once into a well in the desert!' REUBEN thought, it is true, that thus JOSEPH could be saved by passing wanderers.

JOSEPH had hardly arrived near his brothers when they seized him, ripped off his colourful garment and threw him into the well. JUDAH, however, who was particularly jealous of JOSEPH managing his father's business and having to always deal with a lot of money, suddenly shouted,' What do we get out of killing him?- Let's sell him as a slave to the next caravan!' And so they did. They sold their brother JOSEPH for twenty silver coins. REUBEN was not present at the deal, and he was shocked when he heard what had happened in his absence. He withdrew from the other brothers and asked GOD to help and protect his brother JOSEPH.

In the meantime the others, with JUDAH as their leader, had killed a he-goat and spilt its blood on JOSEPH'S colourful garment. Then they sent a servant with the garment to JACOB and ordered him to tell their father the following, 'We found this garment in the desert in this condition. Examine it to see if it is your son's garment for we are not sure!' - JACOB at once recognised the garment and was deeply scared. For now he was convinced that a wild animal had eaten his son JOSEPH. Utterly desperate JACOB tore his clothes, scattered ashes on his head and refused food for days.

The boy BENJAMIN, however, who saw his father mourning went up to JACOB. Then he took him by the hand and said, 'Father, let us pray to GOD for JOSEPH'S spirit, so that he is better off now than he was down here on earth!' JACOB understood that the boy was led by GOD'S spirits and listened to his advice. Together with BENJAMIN he prayed for his son JOSEPH'S spiritual welfare. After that JACOB was strengthened spiritually. He could eat again and live a normal life. But in his heart he could never forget JOSEPH.

JOSEPH had been sold by his elder brothers to an Egyptian slave trader, who resold him to POTIPHAR, the general of the palace guard in Egypt. The holy spirits of GOD guided and always protected JOSEPH, for CHRIST, THE KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION, had asked them to do. Therefore JOSEPH was successful in all that he did, and soon he won his master POTIPHAR'S confidence, and he became the manager of POTIPHAR'S house and of all his property.

JOSEPH knew in his heart that the GOD of his ancestors protected him, and he thanked HIM for his wonderful rescue, as often as he had the opportunity to do so. But he also asked GOD to forgive and help his elder brothers. In the same way JOSEPH prayed to GOD to console and strengthen his father JACOB as well as to bring HIS help to his little brother BENJAMIN, so that the latter did not suffer from his elder brothers' jealousy, as he JOSEPH did. GOD and CHRIST were pleased with such a way of thinking, and GOD blessed all that JOSEPH did. And for JOSEPH'S sake GOD blessed POTIPHAR'S whole house and all his property.

POTIPHAR had a very beautiful young wife whom he loved very much, and whom he had great confidence in. He himself was already at an advanced age and could have been her father. Because of his function as a general of the palace guard, POTIPHAR was often away from home. His property manager JOSEPH, on the contrary, spent most of his time at home and in his master's stables. JOSEPH was young and good-looking. POTIPHAR'S wife did not take long to become fond of him. She made him come to her rooms on a pretext and tried to seduce him. But JOSEPH resisted her temptations and left her rooms. This hurt the pride of POTIPHAR'S wife and made her very angry with JOSEPH. Furthermore she feared he might talk to her husband about the incident. Therefore she sent a maidservant to JOSEPH to tell him the following, 'My mistress has recognised how silly her behaviour towards you was and she would like to apologise. For that reason would you go to her so that she can do so formally.' - So JOSEPH followed the maid to her mistress's rooms. When they had arrived there POTIPHAR'S wife sent her maid to fetch some wine for JOSEPH. Then she apologised formally for her foolish behaviour towards him and asked him to have a drink with her to show, that he JOSEPH forgave her. And when the maid had brought the wine JOSEPH drank with POTIPHAR'S wife. Then he said, 'I forgive you, but you should be aware that I honour my master POTIPHAR and for his confidence's sake I want to leave you now and I do not want to enter these rooms again unless he is present!' But she did not want to let him go and held on to his coat. Then JOSEPH tore himself free from her and ran out. The woman, however, had held on so strongly to his coat that the buckle on his shoulder opened and, she kept the coat. Then she loudly shouted for help. And when her servants came, she said that JOSEPH had wanted to seduce her, but that she had resisted and screamed loudly. Thereupon he had taken to his heels leaving her his coat. She told her husband the same story when he came home. POTIPHAR, who had greater confidence in his wife than in his manager, had JOSEPH thrown into prison.

JOSEPH prayed to GOD for help in this misery. GOD heard his prayer, and so the prison guard made JOSEPH jailkeeper after a short time, so that things went fairly well with him there.

But now it happened that the chief wine steward and the chief baker were offending their master the King of Egypt. For both had tried to cheat him.

The chief wine steward had served his master with a wine of inferior quality. But the bill that he had drawn up by the wine merchant indicated a first-rate wine. He had shared the difference in prices between the expensive first-rate wines and the cheap, inferior quality ones with the wine merchant. The chief baker, on the other hand, had used bad and spoiled flour for the palace bread and the bread for the priests, and nevertheless he had charged the whole price. Naturally this bread did not agree with the priests nor did it with the royal taster.

The King of Egypt had both officials put in the same prison where JOSEPH was jailkeeper. Thus it happened that the captain of the guard ordered JOSEPH to serve the two royal officials until the King had passed judgement upon them. And so it was done.

One morning JOSEPH found the two officials most ill-tempered in their common cell. When he asked them what they wished, they answered, 'Each of us had quite a peculiar dream, but there is nobody here to explain what our dreams mean.' JOSEPH said, 'Not every dream is so important as to require an interpretation, but if it is GOD'S WILL, then this may happen. - Do tell me your dreams!' So the chief wine steward spoke first, 'I dreamt that I saw a vine in front of me, and it bore three branches. The vine budded, then it blossomed, and immediately afterwards the grapes ripened. I gathered the grapes and squeezed them into the pharaoh's cup. Then I gave it to the pharaoh to drink.' Then JOSEPH, under the influence of a holy spirit, explained the dream to him. 'The three branches mean three days. After three more days Pharaoh will again remember your good services of the past. He will call you back to his court and forgive you. He will restore you to your former position, and you will fill his cup again as you did in former times. - Remember me then, and intercede for me with Pharaoh so that I get out of here!'

When the chief baker heard how pleasant JOSEPH'S interpretation of the chief wine steward's dream was, he also told his dream. ' I dreamt that I was carrying three baskets on my head. These baskets were full of pastries for the King. But then a flight of birds came down from heaven eating up all that was in the baskets.' And JOSEPH, under the influence of a holy spirit, also interpreted this dream. 'The three baskets mean three days. - After three more days Pharaoh will remember you and what you did to him and the priests. Then he will first have you hanged, and then he will have your head cut off, and the birds of heaven will eat your flesh!'

And things happened just as JOSEPH had interpreted the dreams: Three days later Pharaoh's birthday was celebrated. He remembered his chief wine steward, forgave him and restored him to his former position. - The priests in the temple reminded Pharaoh of his former chief baker's outrageous deeds and required a harsh punishment for him. And Pharaoh had him hanged and then beheaded. He let the birds of heaven eat his flesh.

When the chief wine steward was well off again, he, however, quickly forgot JOSEPH. So JOSEPH still had to stay on in prison for a while. - And GOD taught him how to be humble.

After seven years had passed the King of Egypt had very particular dreams:

In his first dream he thought he was standing by the River Nile. He saw seven cows, sleek and fat, come up out of the waters of the river onto the banks feeding on the thick grass. Then seven other cows, ugly and bony, followed the sleek and fat ones. They came and stood by the sleek and fat cows and ate them up. Thereupon Pharaoh woke up. But soon afterwards he fell asleep again, and in his second dream he saw seven ears of corn, full and ripe, growing on one stalk. Then seven other ears of corn, empty and scorched, sprouted and swallowed the seven full ones.

These dreams had frightened the pharaoh, for he guessed that they were very important for his country. So he sent for all the scholars, priests and interpreters of dreams in the country to explain these dreams to him. But none of them could give him a satisfactory explanation of his dreams. - Then the chief wine steward remembered JOSEPH again, and he told Pharaoh what had happened to him and the former chief baker, and how JOSEPH, at that time, had correctly interpreted their dreams to them. For everything had turned out as he had foretold them. - Thereupon Pharaoh asked to see JOSEPH.

JOSEPH was brought to the pharaoh who said to him, ' Who are you, and why are you in my prison?' - 'Noble Pharaoh of Egypt, my brothers themselves unjustly sold me to one of your slave traders. Therefore I came in the service of the general of your palace guard. His wife wanted to seduce me. And as I did not want to go against my master POTIPHAR'S honour, it happened that his wife slandered me, and my master had me sent to prison!' -'According to your words you have been put to prison as an innocent man? - I can hardly believe you, I know POTIPHAR quite well, he is a just man!' - 'Oh, noble Pharaoh, how can a man recognise the truth, if the woman whom he loves more than anything else, beguiles his heart and his mind?!' - 'You may be right, this happens much too often. - Well now, I am told that you know how to interpret dreams when you just hear them. Can you also interpret my dreams?' - 'Noble Pharaoh, it is not the human being JOSEPH who knows how to interpret dreams, but the SUBLIME GOD, who is above all, also made your dreams. And the holy spirit that guides me pointed out to me that you had important dreams. So if you like, please, tell me your dreams, and with the help of this holy spirit I am going to interpret your dreams.’

Pharaoh was surprised at these words, nevertheless he readily told his dreams. Then JOSEPH, under the influence of a holy spirit, said, 'The two dreams mean the same thing. GOD has revealed to the pharaoh what HE is going to do with Egypt. Seven fat cows or seven full ears of corn mean seven years of great plenty for Egypt. Then come seven thin cows or seven thin ears of corn. These mean seven years of famine. The pharaoh shall be so wise as to claim a fifth of the crops from each of his subjects during the seven years of plenty. He shall then store it up in his granaries. He shall also have a fifth part of the meat dried and have it then stored, so that afterwards not only the Egyptian people can well live on it during the famine, but also the other neighbouring peoples in Egypt can then still buy some food, Pharaoh shall appoint a man of wisdom over his people to set all this on foot and to see to it, that GOD'S instructions are followed. Thus Egypt will be well off.'

Then Pharaoh said, 'You are truly led and protected by the WISE AND SUBLIME GOD who has always watched over my people so that it may stand up for The Light. What wiser man but yourself could I charge with such a position. From now on you shall be my representative, and, in my name, you shall take the decisions that are to the welfare of my people. The only thing I require from you, is that you continue to consider me as the legal king of Egypt and serve me as the law requires.' Thereupon Pharaoh removed from his finger the gold ring engraved with the royal seal and put it on JOSEPH'S finger. He had him dressed in the finest white linen, placed his gold mask on JOSEPH'S face and put his gold chain round JOSEPH'S neck. The pharaoh bestowed the title on JOSEPH, 'Saviour of the world' and let him parade in the second royal chariot next to him so that the people could see him. And the herald cried out to the people, 'Throw yourself to the ground, for the noble Pharaoh of Egypt and his true heir ride past!'

Thus they who are humble at heart and always honour GOD are exalted by HIM in public.

JOSEPH now was the rightful heir to the pharaoh of Egypt. At the same time in the name of the pharaoh he had the right to decide on the destiny of the country.

Just as the pharaoh had dreamt, and as JOSEPH had correctly said, the seven years of plenty now came first. So JOSEPH asked the people of Egypt to give the fifth part of the crop of corn and the fifth part of the meat to be stored, and people still lived in affluence. The granaries in Egypt rapidly filled. Desiccated meat and heavy sweet wine were stored in the cellars. But when the seven years of famine followed, and the famine broke out, JOSEPH opened the granaries and the cool cellars and had the corn, the meat and the wine distributed to the Egyptians so that there was no want. - Then, from the neighbouring countries where the famine was inexpressibly severe, the people came to buy corn, meat and wine in Egypt. And JOSEPH sold as much to them as the people of Egypt could spare.

JOSEPH'S brothers, too, on behalf of their father, had set out for Egypt to buy corn as well as meat and wine for their kin. BENJAMIN alone had not gone with his half-brothers, because JOSEPH did not want to let him go lest he lose this son of RACHEL, too. So LEAH'S sons were brought to their brother JOSEPH to negotiate with him. However, they did not recognise him, for he wore the pharaoh's gold mask. In addition JOSEPH spoke to them through an interpreter. LEAH'S sons bowed down to the ground before JOSEPH, then they expressed their wish. But JOSEPH said that they were spies, and though they protested their innocence, he had them arrested and put to prison. Three days later he fetched them. He gave them corn, wine and desiccated meat and let them go home. However, he kept SIMEON with him as a pledge. He ordered them to come back with their youngest brother, so that he could find out whether they were spies and test the truth of their declaration. Full of sorrow the brothers went home.

When JACOB learnt what had happened to his sons in Egypt, he broke into sobs and shouted to heaven, 'My GOD, why do YOU leave your servant?! What have I done to be tortured by YOU that way? - I beg YOU do not take BENJAMIN from me either! - Why was JOSEPH to die so young? - And now even SIMEON is a prisoner! - My LORD, I implore YOU, have pity! - Do not punish the sons for their father's mistakes!' Then he withdrew into his tent and refused to see anybody. Tired he went to rest. But he could not fall asleep. Instead he saw a luminous figure in his mind. It came nearer and gave him a drink that tasted wonderful. Thereafter he felt fortified. The luminous figure withdrew. Then JACOB saw a devilish figure approach him. It wanted to pounce on him with a hideous roar. However, now JACOB stood in the light just like the luminous figure a while ago, and the devilish being really rebounded off the light. Howling with rage the fiendish being retreated. Now the luminous figure appeared again, and JACOB saw that it was an angel sent by GOD, standing at his side to protect him, holding a fiery sword. Then he saw his sons standing at a distance. JOSEPH and BENJAMIN were standing in their midst, and the light radiating from them protected the other ten. And all spirits from hell trying to harm them rebounded off the light. Another angel, who was holding a fiery sword, was standing behind the twelve brothers. And the fiery light emitted by this sword made the spirits from hell shout with pain. And when, furthermore, they were struck by this sword they ran off howling. - Now JACOB knew that GOD would protect his sons just as HE had always protected him and his ancestors before him. He now knew just as well that JOSEPH must still be alive, and in his heart he felt both great joy and sorrow, for he guessed that his other sons were to be blamed for JOSEPH'S disappearance. - So he let the brothers go to Egypt again, and he sent BENJAMIN with them after JUDAH had agreed to pledge for BENJAMIN'S safety.

So JOSEPH'S brothers set out again for Egypt to buy corn, wine and desiccated meat. Besides they had taken presents with them this time, to put the pharaoh's mandatary in a gentle mood so that he would release their brother SIMEON.

Just as had happened the first time the brothers were taken to JOSEPH, the pharaoh's representative, and just like the first time LEAH'S sons did not recognize their brother. For like the first time JOSEPH wore the pharaoh's gold mask and talked to his brothers through an interpreter.

The brothers bowed down to the ground before JOSEPH and presented their gifts to him. Then JUDAH said, 'Noble manager of the most noble pharaoh, I now want to introduce our youngest brother to you. His name is BENJAMIN. You had asked to see him here to prove that we tell the truth and that we are no spies. - As this has now been done we beg you to be so kind and set our brother SIMEON free again!' - JOSEPH was deeply moved when after so many years, he saw his little brother BENJAMIN again. In the meantime the latter had grown exactly the same age as he, JOSEPH, was, when his brothers sold him. JOSEPH could hardly talk for being so moved. So he gave a sign to his servants, and they led in SIMEON who had been made to wait in the adjoining room. Then the servants took off SIMEON'S ties, and the brothers were happy, and they all embraced him. Then JOSEPH invited his brothers to have a meal with him in his house in the evening, which very much surprised them. Nevertheless they met at the given time.

They were served a wonderful meal. There was music and dancing. At table the brothers were seated, it is true, in the order of their age, and JOSEPH sat next to BENJAMIN. This again greatly astonished the brothers a lot. After the meal JOSEPH gave them some corn, some wine, some desiccated meat and some dried dates for the journey. Then he left the room. He ordered his servants, however, to put the money already paid for the goods in top of each brother's sack and to add his personal silver cup to that of the youngest brother. And so it happened.

The brothers had hardly mounted and wanted to ride off when JOSEPH'S servants came running up to them and stopped their horses by taking the bridles. The brothers were taken again into the presence of JOSEPH. And he told them through the interpreter, 'You have eaten my bread and drunk my wine, you have eaten my meat and my dates and yet you have stolen from me!' Thereupon JUDAH asked to have a look at his sack. It was opened and the purse with the money lay at the top. 'Sorry, Sir, I do not know how it happened that this money is in my sack again, but it is your money, please, take it back!' Thus JUDAH spoke to JOSEPH and handed the purse to him. The other brothers wanted to do the same. But JOSEPH informed them through the interpreter, 'I do not want the money, but I want the one who has the silver cup in his sack!' And he ordered the servants to open all the sacks . So they found the silver cup with BENJAMIN. JUDAH started trembling and cried loudly, 'Oh Lord, I beseech you, do not keep my youngest brother with you, for if I do not bring this child back home, my old father will die of grief!' Deeply moved and in a choked voice JOSEPH now spoke in the language of his ancestors, 'Is my old father still living? How is he?' The brothers were terrified and did not know what to answer. Thereupon JOSEPH sent all the Egyptians out of the room. Then he took off the gold mask and in tears he said, 'Do not be afraid any more! -I am JOSEPH, your brother. I am here because this ordeal was inevitable for me. For GOD had decided that way. So, do not be afraid, but rather tell me, 'How is my old father? Is he still alive?' Then he embraced them all, one after the other, but BENJAMIN especially. Then only they believed that he was their brother. After telling them his whole story he sent them back to their father. He gave them precious gifts for the father and asked them to come back again and to bring JACOB there. For he, JOSEPH, would take care of them all.

So the brothers returned to their father JACOB. And when they told him their experience with JOSEPH, he could hardly believe them because it all seemed so wonderful. However, when he saw the valuable gifts, he knew that they told the truth. Thereupon he thanked GOD for HIS inexpressible help in all need, and he asked for HIS blessing for the journey to Egypt. For JACOB felt that he would never come back again. So he had everything prepared for the journey. His people had to pack all his possessions and gather all his herds. Then he slaughtered a young flawless lamb and offered it to GOD to thank HIM for all that he had been given so far, for all the grace that GOD had bestowed on him. And GOD was very pleased with this. And the VOICE OF GOD sounded loud above him, so that all who were present could hear IT.

'You are ISRAEL, the fighter for GOD, for you have always honoured ME and have fought for MY honour. You have proved loyal and obedient towards ME. Therefore be blessed! - From now on the whole world shall call you ISRAEL, the fighter for GOD, and all your descendants shall be like you, they shall be ISRAEL. For they, too, shall be fighters for GOD. My blessing shall be with you and your descendants, as long as they fight for GOD. So do go to Egypt. There, I will give you a great number of descendants!'

So it happened.

On JOSEPH'S advice and with the pharaoh's permission, ISRAEL and his people settled in Egypt, in the plain of GOSHEN, which, at that time, was the most fertile part of the country.
The Israelites, as ISRAEL'S sons were now soon called, were fertile, they had a lot of children and peopled the plain of GOSHEN. The Egyptian farmers living there, also called fellahs, hated the Israelites, whose large herds had been allowed to graze everywhere by the pharaoh. And many a fellah was foaming with rage, mentally, when he saw that his freshly ploughed and sown field was trampled down by a huge herd the next day, or even, when the young stalks were grazed down before they had been able to grow ripe at all, and so the whole crop was gone. Their fury against the 'herdsmen', as the Israelites were soon called everywhere in Egypt, grew stronger and stronger. From generation to generation the Egyptian fathers taught their sons to hate the Israelites. -'These strangers do not belong here at all, and nevertheless their herds eat up our children's bread. - The pharaoh should send them back where they came from! - How can he put up with the children of Egypt having to live in want whilst he cherishes foreign vipers in his bosom?' Thus the rich Egyptian merchants said again and again. And so these words, one day, were also heard by the pharaoh of Egypt.

Since long another pharaoh was ruling in Egypt who would not have anymore to do with JOSEPH and his deeds for Egypt. He was a cruel man, and he was only interested in his personal welfare. Yet he was aware that he needed the people, if he wanted to stay pharaoh. So he declared ISRAEL'S children slaves of Egypt who were now allowed to possess only the most necessary things for survival. Yet therefore they had to do compulsory labour in constructing Egypt's magnificent buildings. It was this pharaoh's plan to have a new capital built in GOSHEN. And therefore he would need a lot of slaves, for free workers would have been much too expensive for him. - GOD let all this happen, for ISRAEL's descendants were much to careless about their faith in GOD. Many a young Israelite was too easily deluded by the voluptuous ceremonies celebrated in honour of the Egyptian GODs. By the pharaoh's decree, however, they were strictly forbidden to take part in such ceremonies, as they were now slaves. Furthermore the Israelite people had to become much humbler again, if it wanted to remain the PEOPLE OF GOD. For it should be humble at heart so that it could value the laws which GOD wanted to give it.

But the Israelites did not want to bear slavery and planned a rebellion. The pharaoh heard about this, on the spot, he ordered to kill all new-born boys of the Israelites. And the pharaoh's catchpoles travelled through the plain of GOSHEN and killed all the male children of the Israelites who were less than 3 years old. - And GOD also allowed this to happen, for the Israelites had looked down upon their father's faith much too long. However, the suffering made them humble again before GOD and led them back to the true belief in GOD.

At that time it happened that a man's widow from the tribe of LEVI was married to the brother of her first husband, as she had not yet born a son to the tribe, but only a daughter. A year later she bore a son. The woman wanted to hide the child from the pharaoh's catchpoles . Therefore she hid her son for three months. She could not do so any longer. So she wove a basket of reeds, covered it with resin and wax and wrapped the baby in a woollen blanket, kissed it in tears and put it into the basket. The mother prayed to GOD to help and protect her son. Then she abandoned the basket in the reeds, at the edge of the river. She made the baby's sister run along the river to see whereto the basket was drifting.

GOD had exhausted the baby's mother's prayer and sent a strong wind which carried the basket up the stream. For the pharaoh's daughter was just up the river. She wanted to bathe in the Nile. For the priests of the 'holy river' had advised her to do so to strengthen her fertility. She trusted in bearing a child from her late husband. When the king's daughter was alone in the water for a moment, the wind carried the basket made of reeds up to her. She at once seized the basket, opened it, and saw the crying boy lying in his blanket. She noticed that he was a very pretty child and believed that the GODs of the river had exhausted her prayers. So she took the child out of his blanket, held him high up in the air and shouted so loud that all her servants could hear her, 'Here is MOSES, the son of the river, who now is my son, for I pulled him out of the water. - The GODs of the holy Nile have exhausted my prayers. Thanks and honour to them!' And all the servants bowed and worshipped the GODs of the Nile. From a distance the boy's sister had watched the king's daughter taking her little brother out of the basket. And now as she was approaching, she heard the princess's servants speak of the boy as of a present from the GODs of the Nile. And now a wet nurse had to be found, as the king's daughter had not given birth to the child herself and could not breast feed him. So the girl came nearer and said, 'If you are looking for a wet nurse I know an Israelite woman who bore a child, it is true, but the pharaoh's catchpoles took it away from her. And now the woman suffers a lot because her breasts are full of milk!' The servants reported this to the princess, and the pharaoh's daughter had the girl told, 'Call this woman for it is the GODs' will that I make this child a ruler over Egypt. He will be strong and powerful. And the HEBRA'S milk will be good for the prince, for the HEBRA are a tough people.' HEBRA was the nickname for ISRAEL'S descendants , for HEBRA then meant 'shepherd' in the Egyptian language. So MOSES came back to his mother, who brought him up until he was five. Then the king's daughter had him brought to the palace to introduce him as her son at the court. Thereafter MOSES was sent to the temple school. There the priests of ON and ISIS taught him all the sciences and arts of Egypt, but unfortunately also how to communicate with the lower spirits. For the GODs whom they served were in reality all spirits from hell. - But the boy's mother prayed to GOD and kept on imploring HIM to protect and help her son MOSES. And GOD heard these prayers and protected MOSES from all that could harm his spirit, soul and body .

Then old Pharaoh died and the brother of the princess who had adopted MOSES as her son became pharaoh. The latter loved MOSES as much as he loved his own son SETI. He let the two princes study together in the temple and both lived at the palace. SETI, however, hated MOSES for he begrudged him the love of his father.

MOSES was a most tactful human being who knew well how to deal with both human beings and animals. SETI, on the other hand, cared neither about human beings nor about animals. He was only interested in material wealth and especially in the power that he would have over the people as the future pharaoh of Egypt. As he, however, clearly showed his bad character early and particularly his penchant for cruelty towards man and beast, his father, the pharaoh, decided that, if SETI did not considerably improve very soon, he would not be the future pharaoh, but MOSES would. - From that moment on SETI presented himself to better advantage and became, outwardly, most friendly and nice to all, but particularly to MOSES. Deep down, however, he swore infinitely cruel vengeance on MOSES.

MOSES was very popular with the people of Egypt. And so the pharaoh had charged him to go and visit the various regions of the country and inquire after the well-being of his subjects. Thus MOSES also came to the plain of GOSHEN, where the Israelites lived. He saw how this people did slave labour for the pharaoh, and he felt sorry for the children of Israel.

He knew that the woman who had nursed and brought him up until he was five lived in this area. So he inquired after her with the slave-driver, and he was taken to a poor, shabby hut where an old woman was dying. MOSES at once recognised the woman whom he had most dearly loved at an early age. When old pharaoh's daughter had sent for him, he had wept bitterly because he had to leave this woman. As a child he had sworn to run away from the palace back to her. But, in tears, she had asked him not to do so. 'For,' thus she said, 'the LORD will decide, when and where we meet again. But I am sure this will happen. And when that moment has come, my dear son, I will have to tell you quite a few things! -But now go with the people sent by the princess who wants to be your mother. Love and respect her on that account, but do not forget me, my child!' And so he had left, crying, and he had never seen her again. And as he grew older he remembered her a little less. - And now she was lying in front of him on her shabby straw mat. Although the woman had considerably grown old, and her sight was failing, she knew who was standing in front of her bed. 'You are MOSES, aren't you?' she said in a quavering voice. 'So you have come after all, as the LORD had promised me at that time! So please, my dear son, carefully listen to me, for I have little time left to speak. - MOSES, you are not the real son of the princess. The gods of the river did not give life to you, but I bore you, and to save your life when you were three months old, I put you in a basket made of reeds and abandoned you on the river. And the SUBLIME GOD OF OUR FATHERS made the wind carry the basket towards the princess. She took you out and believed that the gods of the Nile had heard her prayers. But that is nonsense, for only the ONE AND SOLE TRUE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB can give life. - So you are my son, MOSES. MYRIAM here on my side is your sister, and this young man here is your younger brother, AARON. He was born after the present pharaoh had repealed the old pharaoh's terrible decree to kill Israel's new-born boys. - And the people of Israel is your people, MOSES! - You are a child of Israel, a Hebrew, as the Egyptians say. - You owe your life to the GOD OF ISRAEL, and therefore you should thank HIM as I did every day of my life. Rely on HIM and confide in HIM whatever may happen, and HE will guide you. For the LORD will be your shepherd. HE will look after you!' Then MOSES' mother died. Her children, MYRIAM and AARON, knelt down at her bed and wept. MOSES remained upright in the Egyptian manner, bowed and keeping back his tears, he walked out at a stiff pace. Once outside he started running until he reached the edge of the desert. There only he slowed down, and finally he sank down trembling and crying. He was shocked, and he didn't know what to do. Whimpering he prayed to GOD, 'Oh GOD of all gods, if YOU really exist, YOU GOD OF ISRAEL, who are the GOD of my ancestors so help me get on, I beg you!' - Thereupon he suddenly felt wonderfully fortified and comforted. Then he heard a soft voice near him saying, 'Come in, brother MOSES. For GOD did not only save you from death, when you were a baby and now led you back to us again for you to despair, but for you to learn from your mother's example and to be a help to us all!’ Thus MYRIAM, his sister, spoke and she took him again with her into the house. There she told him in more details what the situation had been like at that time when, in the basket of reeds, he was floating on the Nile and came to the princess. Then she admonished him to be cautious of Pharaoh and prince SETI. 'Do not tell them who you really are unless GOD makes a sign to you, and, do not talk to anybody else about your origin, for that might be dangerous for all of us!' MOSES promised to do so.

The next day he saw a guard beat up an Israelite. Enraged MOSES interfered and knocked the guard so firmly on the head that the latter dropped dead. Thereupon MOSES got frightened and quickly buried the guard's body in the sand. The Israelite, however, had been able to struggle to his feet again and had fled.

The next day MOSES saw two Israelites fighting for a lump of gold which they had found in the sand. He then joined the men and asked them to stop the fight, as they were both children of Israel. Furthermore the gold was only glittering metal that would not feed them, but the LORD'S words would. Then one of the two said to him, 'It's easy for you to talk, you are rich and are not hungry. What do you think you are doing to mind our business, or do you want to kill us just as you killed that Egyptian yesterday?' MOSES was very much afraid, for he now knew, that the man whom he had rescued from the beating Egyptian, had passed on the story. MOSES was scared of the consequences of his deed, and he decided to flee without returning once more to the palace. He said goodbye to MYRIAM and AARON and fled across the desert into the land of MIDIAN.

There ISMAEL'S descendants lived. He had been a son of ABRAHAM and the maid HAGA. These descendants of ABRAHAM were also truly devoted to GOD, prayed to HIM and made sacrifices to HIM only. MOSES stayed in MIDIAN for forty years. There he married ZIPPORAH, the daughter of sheikh JETHRO, who was a loyal servant of GOD.

MOSES looked after the sheep and goats of his father-in-law JETHRO. So one day he came with a flock of sheep near Mount HOREB. At that time there was a watering place there. Its source flowed from inside the mountain. So it was small wonder that a little oasis at the foot of the mountain invited the wanderer to stay a while. From there a narrow green path led up to the mountain. Now and then were shrubs whose berries were very much liked by goats. The sheep, however, were attracted by the grass. Thus they climbed up the mountain to the end of the green plot. It was late in the afternoon and MOSES had lain down near the watering place, in the shade of a date. It was already getting dark when the sheep ran down the mountain bleating loudly with excitement. As MOSES feared a wild animal might be in the neighbourhood, he quickly took some dry wood, lit a fire, and gathered his animals round him. He threw a last glance up the mountain and, in the firelight, he perceived a lamb high up, alone on a rocky spur, bleating pitifully. Without hesitating he hurried up to free the lamb from its awkward position.

However, when he arrived at the top, there was no lamb. On the contrary he saw a thorny bush on fire, and yet it was not burning up. When, surprised, MOSES wanted to go nearer, he heard a thundering voice from the thornbush talking to him,

'Do not come any closer, MOSES! - Take off your shoes, for here where you are standing is holy and sacred ground!'

MOSES answered, 'LORD, who are YOU?'

'I am the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB - I am your GOD who gave you life and carried you to the daughter of the pharaoh of Egypt to save your life. I am the GOD who safely led you out of Egypt, across the desert, to Midian, and has given you a home again!'

Then MOSES recognised that it actually was the VOICE OF GOD speaking to him. He dropped to his knees, covered his face before GOD, for he felt ashamed of having often doubted about GOD'S existence. The VOICE OF GOD, however, went on,

'I have seen the misery of my people and heard them complain. Therefore I want to free them and lead them into a good spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey. And you, MOSES, shall be their leader. For that is the reason why I have revived you to serve me on earth!'

'But, my LORD, who am I to take the liberty of going to the pharaoh and freeing the children of ISRAEL from the domination of Egypt? - The Israelites will ask me, 'What is the person called who has sent you?' - And what shall I then answer them?'

GOD said,

'I am who I AM,

So tell them,

the GOD of your ancestors,

has sent me to you!'

'But they will ask me to prove that the LORD appeared to me, what shall I do then?' - Then the VOICE OF GOD ordered MOSES to throw down his shepherd's crook, which MOSES did. Then the crook turned into a snake in front of his eyes. MOSES started back. Then the VOICE OF GOD ordered MOSES to take the snake by the tail, and when he did so, the snake changed back into his shepherd's crook. The LORD ordered MOSES to do this in front of the Israelites, so that they would believe his words. But MOSES said, 'My LORD, I am not a great speaker, and often my tongue does not want to obey me properly. How can I then talk to the Israelites?'

The LORD answered,
'Do not worry, for I will be with you and teach you what to say.'

MOSES, however, doubted about GOD'S greatness and omnipotence, and so he asked the LORD to send somebody else to talk in front of ISRAEL and the pharaoh of Egypt.

At this the LORD became angry and said,
'All right, then your brother AARON will talk instead of you. He will be pleased to be allowed to do ME this favour. He will go to the Israelites together with you and talk to them. You, however, take your shepherd's crook, and give the people the evidence they will ask for!'

And so it happened.
At his father's death Prince SETI had become Pharaoh of Egypt. Full of arrogance and cruelty he had been ruling the country since then. He waged war against the neighbour peoples of Egypt, and he subjugated them all. He had these people transported from their homelands to Egypt to make them slaves there. A lot of them were taken to the plain of GOSHEN, where the Israelites lived. Soon there was hardly room and food enough for that great number of people. But the pharaoh was without any consideration for this. On the contrary, he had the 'Hebrews', as they were still maliciously called, confined to twelve large camps, where they were kept like animals. And each camp lodged one of the twelve tribes of ISRAEL. Each camp was presided over by a foreman who was appointed by the Egyptian officials. These people were all sycophants of the Egyptians and tormented their tribesmen in all ways. The Egyptians let them do, but in their hearts they despised these people for their behaviour.

Of course, the Israelites were happy when they heard that GOD had promised to lead them out of the Egyptian slavery. And when the people saw what signs MOSES performed, on behalf of GOD, with his shepherd's crook, they believed MOSES and AARON.

The pharaoh, however, was not impressed by such miracles. When MOSES ordered AARON to throw down his stave, and when the shepherd's crook became a snake, the pharaoh had priests of ON called in. They threw their staves down which turned into snakes. But MOSES' shepherd's crook, which AARON had thrown down and which had become a snake, bounced at the other snakes and devoured them in full view of the people present. The pharaoh remained stubborn, and he refused to listen to either MOSES or AARON.

Then GOD the LORD sent terrible plagues over Egypt.

First the water of the Nile turned into blood, and all over the country people and animals suffered great thirst. Only the people of GOD were spared, for they had been warned by MOSES and AARON. So the Israelites had filled all their vessels with clean water in good time. But the pharaoh's heart remained stubborn, and he did not allow ISRAEL to go. Then a plague of frogs was brought on Egypt. All over the country frogs, coming out of the Nile, leapt into people's homes. Only the children of Israel were spared. - The pharaoh, however, remained stubborn.

Then a plague of gnats struck, followed by a plague of flies. After that a plague was sent on all animals. Then an epidemic of smallpox covered people and animals with boils. After that a heavy hailstorm came up over Egypt such as it had never known before. Next came a plague of locusts. Only the children of Israel remained unaffected each time, but each time the pharaoh's heart remained stubborn.

GOD sent darkness over Egypt. For three days and three nights there was no light in the sky, but where the sons and daughters of Israel lived, the sky was full of light. -Thereupon the pharaoh got frightened. He ordered MOSES to leave with his people, but their live-stock should stay behind in Egypt. The pharaoh knew quite well, that then, the Israelites would have to cross the desert without any food, and this would certainly ruin them. MOSES, however, did not accept this suggestion, and he insisted that the whole people of Israel with their herds and all their property leave Egypt, to make sacrifices to GOD ALMIGHTY in the desert. Infuriated the pharaoh then shouted, 'Get out of my sight, MOSES, and do not let me ever see you again. For if I do, I will kill you with my own hands!' Now MOSES knew that the pharaoh had sentenced himself and his people to death. At night the angels of death crossed Egypt, and every firstborn son in Egypt died, the pharaoh's son included. The children of Israel, however, suffered no harm. Then the pharaoh let all the Israelites leave Egypt with their live-stock and all their possessions.

And the people of Israel crossed the desert, with MOSES and AARON as their leaders, and under the guidance of GOD. In Midian they stopped and let their herds graze. MOSES climbed Mount SINAI and GOD, the LORD, gave him two stone tablets on which GOD'S LAW had been carved.

This LAW is the TEN COMMANDMENTS,which have been valid for all people since then. This was the stipulation for the subsequent part of GOD'S great plan of redemption to come true. By reason of these TEN COMMANDMENTS the people of tested. And only when humanity was mature for the saviour, he could be born.

And so JESUS CHRIST, KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION came to the humans, he lived among them, did GOD'S WILL, suffered, and died on the cross. Then he fought in hell where he beat the prince of hell, and overcame all his pow has been free again. And the spirits who are on their way up to heaven go through one human life after the other. They walk the way into light, back to their heavenly home.


Herwith the text «JESUS CHRIST - KING AND LORD OF THE CREATION», ends. The explanation from the holy spirits of GOD have also come to an end on Internet.

Yet we holy spirits of GOD do not want to say goodbye to you humans, but we want to point out to you that everybody goes through life accompanied by their guardian angel, their fighting angel, and whatever they are called. Though you are not able to see and hear us, yet we always are there, when you need our help.

GOD be with you!

Your friends from GOD'S Kingdom

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